Sunday, 9 October 2016

#BLOGTOBER DAY 9: This Modern Love pt. 2

Feeling embarrassed, uncomfortable and squiggy after posting my first This Modern Love answer, I'm now putting myself through all of that distress again to complete the second exercise!

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2. Write a thank you note to your partner

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Okay, this prompt is a LOT better than the first one. I have SO MUCH to thank my person for, and this one won't get me feeling all over emotional and guilty. 

Thank you for:

  1. Always making me smile. Whether it's a good morning text, a cute comment or a goofy joke, my face hurts when I think of you.
  2. Not laughing at me when I get too enthusiastic about stupid things. The first time we hung out just us I was all excited because I'd found that library book filled with comic strips of dinosaurs - The Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs, to be precise - and despite the fact that we'd known each other for less than a week and I was rambling about these adorably childish dinosaurs for almost five minutes, you didn't mock me or make me feel stupid.
  3. Inviting me to things. Getting to explore Newbury and meet your friends was so much fun, even if I did panic and consider running away at multiple moments... (Bonus thank you for not getting irritated at me when I freak out and disappear!)
  4. Forgiving me when I drink too much. Like last night. Whoops.
  5. Trusting me, even if it's mostly accidentally when you've been drinking. Maybe we both need to work on that...
  6. Constantly letting me invite myself to your house, and not making me feel like I'm imposing on you. I always feel wanted when I'm with you.
  7. Coming to concerts with me. You Me At Six and Green Day are both going to be brilliant, and I can't wait to go to more concerts with you in the future. Also for helping me write my Lower Than Atlantis review by kicking my lazy ass into action and forcing me to get out of bed.
  8. Inviting me to MCM! It's going  to make the end of this Blogtober very tricky, and it's going to be a hoo-ha on the Sunday with coming back for the Halloween party and the concert, but it's worth it to have another adventure with you. 
  9. Being my best friend for the last five months. I know, I KNOW, I'm not your best friend - I'm your girlfriend. We literally had this conversation this morning! But I have a few best friends and I definitely count you as one of them. I wouldn't spend as much time with you if I didn't. 
  10. Waiting for me. It's the most important thing I need to thank you for, and one of the only ones I don't think I've mentioned in real life. I know we didn't have the easiest start to our relationship - me being with someone else was a little bit of a barrier - and you could have shoved me into the friendzone and gone and found yourself a more easily attainable girlfriend, but you didn't. I'll never be able to express how grateful I am for that.
I have lots more I could thank him for, but I'm going to leave it at 10 for today or I'll be rambling for hours... I'm such a cheeseball. 

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I'll be posting the third installment of my This Modern Love series at some point later in the week! Two down, four to go...

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