Wednesday, 19 October 2016

#BLOGTOBER DAY 19: TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five non-canon ships

(Top Five Wednesday was created by GingerReadsLainey. Find out more at the Goodreads group!)

5) Delena
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Damon Salvatore. That is all.
I will admit, I haven't read to the end of the book series. I made it through the first five, had a break, forgot to start up again, couldn't remember what happened, and haven't had time to reread them just yet. But there was uproar when L.J. Smith announced to the world that she'd been fired from writing her own book series because she shipped Delena.
Don't even get me started on the mess they made in the TV show. Fingers crossed it gets resolved in the upcoming final season

4) Emison
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Emily Fields deserves happiness. All of her girlfriends either die or turn out to be psychopaths, so I'd love to see her in a stable relationship. It would also break up the overwhelmingly heterosexual amount of couples in the show: no matter how much I love Ezria and Haleb, a lesbian relationship - not just a brief lesbian thing - is a necessity on a show this wide-reaching.

3) Clexa
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We all know how this one turned out...

2) Nikolai and Alina in the Shadow and Bone trilogy
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When reading Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone trilogy, I shipped two couples: Alina and the Darkling, and Alina and Nikolai. But Alina chose stupid Mal. WHAT THE HECK?!
I don't often ship couples in books, because I find it hard to get as emotionally involved when I can't see their faces and imagine how beautiful their babies would be, but Nikolai deserved better.

1) Destiel
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You thought I'd pick a different ship as my number one? GET REAL. I have been a Destiel shipper since time began. I stopped watching the series in the middle of season 10, but you can bet your ass if Destiel ever became canon I would be back.

Oh, and of course, a special mention to the GREATEST SHIP IN THE WORLD:
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Anyone who doesn't ship Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier is dead to me. DEAD. They are endgame. 

I hope you enjoyed this Top Five Wednesday! Do you have any ships that have never sailed, but that you really want to?

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  1. I don't know if I really liked Delena...Well I guess I like her better with him rather than Stephen. :D
    My T5W! :D