Saturday, 29 October 2016

#BLOGTOBER DAY 29: This Modern Love pt. 6

After the utter mortification that was the fifth part of this post series, I'm so glad that it's nearly over. Jesus, I hate talking about my feelings on the internet.

Q6. How has technology affected your relationship?

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Uh... That's a tricky one. Because technology's such a big part of daily life it affects EVERYTHING: I wouldn't be writing this blog post without technology.
I guess technology made my relationship possible.
I met my current boyfriend at a party and he left his jacket at my house, so I messaged him on Facebook and arranged to return it to him. We've messaged or text each other every single day since then, and we wouldn't have grown as close as we are without those exchanges. In fact, I probably would have just kept his hoodie rather than tracking it down to give it back to him (it was pretty cool).
But if I chalked my entire relationship up to technology it would feel reductionist. Most of my friends are at university, so I maintain nearly all of my relationships through social media, not just my romantic one! I can't thank technology for giving me all of those relationships, because I had to meet my friends in the first place to get to the stage where we interacted online.
So the only answer can be: technology has affected my relationship positively, though not hugely.

That's the end of the This Modern Love series! I hope you liked this set of posts, and how it was something completely different for this blog. Would you be interested in reading more like this in the future?

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