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#BLOGTOBER DAY 4: TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten favourite comic book villains

(Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish!)

Welcome to the first Top Ten Tuesday post of October! This week I'm telling you all about my favourite comic book villains.
I LOVE comic books, and I think that the villains are my third favourite thing about them (my first being strong female characters, my second being the pretty pictures!). But who are my ten favourite villains, you ask?

10) The Joker
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I both love and hate The Joker, but it wouldn't have felt right to not include him on this list. I love his design and his battles with Batman, but the abusive nature of his relationship with Harley Quinn makes me feel extremely unsettled.

9) Catwoman
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I've read a lot of articles about Catwoman and how brilliant she's been in DC history, but because she hasn't been given her own title in the DC Rebirth cycle (yet!) I haven't been able to read as much as her as I want to. I'm probably going to go back and read her New 52 series, because I think she should probably be much higher up on this list. 

8) Eye-Scream
Image result for eye scream marvel
Hilarious, confusing and ABSOLUTELY BONKERS, Eye-Scream had the power to turn himself into ANY FLAVOUR OF ICE CREAM.
While this is a power I really would enjoy, being a massive ice cream fan, it seems that the other X-Men all mocked him for his obscure talent, which turned him into the most dangerous villain the universe had ever seen!
(I'm kidding about that bit. They probably just ate him to stop him causing trouble).

7) Venom
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Whenever I read Venom in comics, he always gives me goosebumps. I've yet to encounter a Venom story that I haven't enjoyed (and been absolutely terrified by...).

6) Loki
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Loki the Trickster is one of the most aggravating characters in the comic world thanks to his cocky, over-confident attitude. Now running for president, he seems like the perfect candidate. 

5) Livewire
Image result for female villain batgirl 2015
I haven't read a lot of comics that feature Livewire, but her design alone makes her worthy of being on this list. Looking like a more badass version of Storm of the X-Men, I hope Livewire gets more recognition in the future.

4) Poison Ivy
Image result for poison ivy comics
Yes, Poison Ivy runs around Gotham in little more than leaves, but she's a very empowering female who uses her sexuality to do whatever the hell she wants. 

3) The Punisher
Image result for punisher daredevil
The Punisher is more of a vigilante than a villain, but he's definitely a criminal. Directly contrasting with the no-murder-allowed attitude of Matt Murdock, Frank Castle seems even more brutal.

2) Harley Quinn
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The most badass comic book character, I love Harley because she's a villain but she's also a victim. The Joker made her the way she is, and a villain you can empathise with is extremely dangerous.

1) Condiment King
Image result for condiment king
I LOVE condiments, so when I found out that there was a genuine comic book villain who ran around causing trouble with ketchup and mustard, IN HIS PANTS?! These are LIFE GOALS!

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! Who are your favourite villains, and why?

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