Saturday, 1 October 2016

#BLOGTOBER DAY 1: Launch post

Haven't heard of Blogtober before? Well, that's because it's not strictly a thing. My Youtuber boyfriend (who am I, Zoella?!) taught me all about Vlogtober - throughout the whole of October you publish a Youtube video a day, forcing you to make regular content. It's quantity over quality, like a giant brain fart that lasts for a month.
When he suggested I use the idea for the blog, I was so up for it.

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I love blogging, but sometimes I struggle to publish posts regularly. I want to produce high quality content that EVERYONE loves and relates to and shares around the internet - I want to rule the pixel kingdom with my awesomeness, goddammit! - but that's not possible (unless you're Cait from Paper Fury, who's obviously sold her soul to a blogging demon).
Sometimes I don't post some really awesome - in my opinion - ideas, because I'm scared a) someone's done it before, b) better than I ever could, c) and there'll be a huge backlash and I'll be abandoned, alone and talking to myself.
Blogtober is going to help eliminate my fear.

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Blogtober is me, being brave, and putting myself out there on the internet in ways I've never done before (no, not like that - ugh, give your brain a shower!).
So come with me on this magical journey! Well, potentially magical... Until about midway through the month, when I'll realise this is an awful idea and my blog is in ruins.

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Don't listen to your friends, kids. 

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