Book reviews: 

If you enjoy my book reviews and want to send me a book, please e-mail I will only be good at reviewing books that I have *some* knowledge or past experience in, so I won't be useful when reviewing audiobooks, erotica or non-fiction books (dependent on subject matter). I will happily read anything else!
If you're writing your first novel and you'd like private personal feedback, I'd love to beta read for you.
I attempt to get book reviews up within two weeks, however if you are sending me an extremely large book or if I have a backlog this could take longer; please be patient. 

Music reviews: 

If you enjoy my music reviews, please e-mail the same address as above. I will accept any form of music (whether that be mp3 downloads or physical copies) but, again, I will only be able to review music I have some knowledge of. Please look at my live reviews before emailing; the bands I see live are representative of the spectrum of my music taste.
I can get music reviews up the day I receive them, as long as I don't have prior commitments. As my ideal career is music journalism, I will prioritise music reviews over book reviews: I can listen to an album faster than I can read a book.
If you'd like to be featured in New Music Monday, please email me with a link to some social media sites (including the band account and links to individual members) and a song that you'd like me to include on the post.

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