Thursday, 27 October 2016

#BLOGTOBER DAY 27: Ten commandments of concerts

I go to a lot of concerts, and some people have no concert etiquette.
I know, I know, everyone paid for a ticket and they deserve to enjoy their evening however they want... But I think everyone would have a much better time if they just obeyed these ten commandments.

1. Thou shalt not use anything larger than a phone to take photos or videos

Image result for ipad at concert

I've been stuck behind people who have filmed the entire show on an iPad before. How is this allowed?!

2. Thou shalt use your phone minimally

Image result for texting in the crowd

Being a blogger, sometimes an exciting thing happens at a show and I want to update Twitter IMMEDIATELY. When Jack Barakat announced that All Time Low were going to be headlining a stage at Download, I whipped out my phone and tweeted. When Josh Franceschi shared that You Me At Six were going to be playing another show at Alexandra Palace, I shared that too! 
I'm not saying people shouldn't use their phones, I'm just saying they shouldn't be texting or tweeting every single second that the band's on stage.

3. Thou shalt leave PDAs at the door 

Image result for kissing in crowd

Oh, how cute!
No, actually, pretty gross. You get to see each other every single day, so can't you do that somewhen else? This also applies to guys who have their hands in their girlfriends jeans and squeeze their asses every five minutes. That can't be comfortable.
I don't understand couples that do this, because I go to concerts with my boyfriend quite regularly and canoodling is the last thing on my mind.

4. Thou shalt not shout at your friends

Image result for talking loudly

By all means, talk during the band. You're only ruining your own experience.
Unless you're one of those people that refuses to lean in and talk in someone's ear, and instead projects so loudly that your every word is louder than all of the speakers in the room. Then you should just shut up. 

5. Thou shalt not talk during the slow songs

Image result for talking people in a crowd

Okay, you're allowed to talk during shows as long as you aren't talking too loudly - and as long as you don't talk during the slow/acoustic/quiet moments. They don't come often, and I'm sure whatever you have to say isn't so important that you can't wait three minutes.
This also applies for acoustic acts. Seeing This Wild Life supporting Sleeping With Sirens was one of the worst experiences in the world, because hardly anyone shut their damn mouth. 

6. Thou shalt pick up those who fall

Image result for mosh pit

Most bands will remind you to do this, but just in case you didn't get the message: if someone falls in the mosh pit, HELP THEM UP! Don't just leave them on the floor getting trampled. That makes you a dick. 

7. Thou shalt not force people into the pit

Image result for pushing someone into a circle pit

If someone is stood near the pit and doesn't want to get involved, do not - I repeat, DO NOT - force them in. In fact, don't physically manhandle anyone. Respect personal space, yo.

8. Thou shalt attend the set of the support band 

Image result for band on stage small crowd

You never know if that support band could be your next favourite band, so don't write them off just because you don't listen to them already. You've paid for your ticket to the show, you might as well get your money's worth.

9. Thou shalt not get so drunk you can't control yourself

Image result for drunk at a concert

As well as being unable to remember anything and looking like an idiot, you might ruin the show for other people. Drink, but get drunk after the band have finished.

10. Thou shalt not stand in the first three rows of seating

Image result for people standing in the seating at a concert

It's okay further back, but if you're in the first few rows and you stand the rest of the seating area doesn't really have a choice. You might be in seating because you took your time buying tickets and the standing area was sold out, but there are other people who actually want to sit, and you're being an inconsiderate jerk by not allowing them to do that.
This is why I love the O2 Forum, who actually forbid standing in the first three rows. If people know they want to stand, they sit further back. 

Those are the ten commandments I think everyone should follow at concerts. Have I missed anything important?

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