Monday, 2 January 2017

December + #SundayYAthon wrap-up

Happy 2017!

I'd written this post a few days ago, but decided to save it until I'd finished the #SundayYAthon so that I could wrap everything up together, which is a good excuse for it being so late.

Bookish wrap-up:

I'm going to start off with the challenge, which ran from the 27th-30th of December. You can check out my TBR here.
Out of the 5 challenges I managed to complete three of them: the novella I read was Non Pratt's 'Unboxed', and the new book and the book on my TBR ended up both being completed by finishing 'The Fate of the Tearling'. I'm half way through 'I'll Be Home For Christmas', which would have completed the rest of the challenges (being a wintery short story collection), but I didn't have time to completely finish it because I was busy at work.
My full review of 'The Fate of the Tearling' will be coming soon... I'm still trying to come to terms with THAT ending!

Other than those books, in December I read 12 books. Out of those, 2 were non-fiction and 1 was a graphic novel, which I'm proud of - there were some weighty books in that total!

The best books I read this month?:
Image result for tonight the streets are oursImage result for unboxed non prattImage result for how not to disappear
I read three 5 star books this month, which made December one of the best reading months I'd had all year! 

The worst books I read this month?: 
Image result for the wallcreeperImage result for the bone dragon alexia casale
I thought 'The Wallcreeper' was utter trash (so gave it 1 star) while 'The Bone Dragon' was so boring that it only scraped 2 stars

Musical wrap-up:

I haven't listened to any new albums this month, so I'm going to repeat myself: last month's album of the month is still the best thing I've heard this year. 

Image result for the boy who died wolf

I'm still listening to 'Give' constantly, but I don't want to give it the song of the month title two months in a row, so instead I'm going to give it to MGK and Camila Cabelo, for their collaboration 'Bad Things'. 

I only went to two concerts this month, and while I wish I could award concert of the month to Yellowcard's last ever Bristol show, I didn't see enough of their set to be able to give it to them. Instead I'm choosing Better Than Never's EP launch show in Oxford - a pop-punk spectacular that was indescribably fun. 

It's strange to think that was my last wrap-up of 2016, but I'm already looking forward to the new year and all of the books and music it's going to bring. See you at the end of January! 

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