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Twin Atlantic - Scala, 12/07/16

Opening band All Tvvins are definitely going to be playing festivals next year. Their music is filled to the brim with summery vibes reminiscent of the sort of music you find on TV ads (and, as most people know, I'm a sucker for those songs).
Their performance was toned down and relaxing: a nice calm start to the evening, but not in a boring way. The crowd didn't move around or get involved too much, but it looked like people were enjoying the music anyway - it's very hard to be offended by lighthearted indie rock, because it's just so fun to listen to.
They definitely have a skill for writing catchy lyrics and beats, and since the show I've had two of their songs going round and round my head on repeat - specifically their opening song (whose name I can't discover but which had some brilliant "ooh ooh ooh" singalongs) and 'These 4 Words'.
All Tvvins are releasing an album next month, and as soon as it drops I'm sure you're going to be surrounded by their songs. It has a definite mainstream feel to it, and I think people are going to flock to this band.

Darkest Ocean
Thank You
End of the Day
Too Young To Live
These 4 Words

(I can't find the name of the first song in their setlist, but it was my favourite of the songs that they played - if you know it, please let me know!)

I only saw Twin Atlantic at Download a few weeks ago, so I don't actually have that much to say about their set that I haven't already. I was just so grateful to be inside this time, because standing in the pouring rain isn't the most enjoyable way to spend an evening!
I'm still very confused on about the new songs from 'GLA'. 'Gold Elephant/Cherry Alligator' has a raw, heavy rock sound that makes it stand out from the rest of the set in a jarring and incoherent way, while 'No Sleep' (featuring Sam McTrusty clambering over the crowd) gets such a frenetic response that it's already cemented itself as a fan favourite and the album hasn't even been released yet (the video for the song was released yesterday, check it out).
Newest song 'Ex El' had its live debut at 2000 Trees festival last weekend, and it concerned me: it seems too harsh for Sam's voice, as he was struggling to perform some of the notes. I'm excited and anxious for 'GLA' to be released. I'm hoping that it'll work as a collection of songs, because based off of the songs that are being showcased so far I'm uncertain as to what direction the band are trying to go.
Again, it felt as though 'I Am An Animal' was the turning point in the set. After 'What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?' - the only song from EP 'Vivarium' they played - Sam shouted at the crowd "It felt like we were getting somewhere, London, and then you took your foot off the fucking gas!". The crowd took that as a challenge, and when Sam incited the sit down and jump up maneuver the entire room joined in without a second of hesitation.
From that point the crowd didn't stop, with mosh pits breaking out at regular intervals throughout the evening, but the best response by far was to the gorgeous acoustic 'Crash Land'. Sam sung the first line of the song and then let the crowd take control, and while I'd only heard the song a couple of times I could still understand every single word that the crowd were singing: it's not often that you get a moment like that. Twin Atlantic have been working hard for the last few years, but it sometimes seems as though that hard work hasn't paid off - they aren't chart-toppers (yet!) and they still play average-sized venues on their headline tours. The enthusiasm in this singalong proved that numbers really don't matter: they've certainly got a dedicated fan base, and that will take them far.
At Download I commented on the fact that there was no interaction between the band and the crowd, but that shifted completely at this headline show. It could have been a case of nerves, performing so high up at a festival they hadn't appeared at in years, but they stay completely in control of every moment at their headline shows and aren't afraid to interaction with their fans.
With people calling for Sam to take his shirt off, he quipped back "you take your shirt off!" and when the fan did (circling their shirt above their head รก la Skindred's Newport Helicopter) Sam looked utterly exasperated, joking "it's remarkable that there's three other men on this planet that would let me be in charge of a microphone". He referenced the moment again later, teasing "I may fucking take all my clothes off... But then I'd be a fucking sell out, selling sex instead of music. Fuck that!".
This show was everything I could have wanted and more. Playing all of their extremely popular ones (the only ones that I'm really familiar with), having hilarious conversations with the crowd and having seamless transitions between their songs making the night run smoothly: this was everything that Download wasn't. I'm so glad that I decided to attend this headline show despite the proximity to the last time I'd seen them live. The band all seemed so humbled by the response and the turnout, with Sam sharing "you don't know how weird it is to be from so far away, literally another country, and to get to come to the big smoke and have people care" - they might have been playing for nearly ten years, but they certainly don't assume they'll automatically get this kind of reaction.
Twin Atlantic are touring again towards the end of the year, after the September release of 'GLA'. If you haven't seen them headline, change that: this was my first time not seeing them at a festival, and it's definitely the best they've been. 

Gold Elephant/Cherry Alligator
The Ghost of Eddie
Hold On
Edit Me
What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?
I Am An Animal
No Sleep
Fall Into The Party
Ex El
Make a Beast of Myself
Yes, I Was Drunk
Crash Land
Brothers & Sisters
Heart and Soul

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