Wednesday, 27 July 2016

BookTube-A-Thon wrap-up

Last week, I decided I was going to take part in the BookTube-A-Thon. I created a TBR for the week, and I was supremely determined that I was going to complete all of the challenges - easy peasy.

So how many challenges did I complete?

The answer to that is...


Yep, I completed less than half of the challenges. I only managed to complete three because I counted finishing 'Paper Towns' towards two of them: both the book to movie adaptation and the book by your favourite author (okay, 'Looking For Alaska' is my favourite book and I hate all of the other John Green books I've read, but it counts!).
I managed to get halfway through 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' - it's really not long, so I should have been able to finish it, but I was taking my time because I wanted to enjoy it and remember it rather than rush to the end. I also managed to get halfway through Sarah Mlynowski's 'Don't Even Think About It', but the narrating style is really odd... I can't connect with it, so I'm struggling with that one.
That means I've only finished two books in the last week and a half! I'm definitely not back in my reading slump, because there's a very good reason for me to not be reading.
I mean I could use the excuse that I was spending a lot of time with my friends (well, one friend in particular... But we don't need to talk about that!), but I'm going to be completely honest: Pokemon Go is addictive is hell and I haven't been able to stop playing it since I got my new phone.
So really, the only thing I've managed to do successfully this week was getting to level 10 on Pokemon Go in less than 5 days.
Oh yeah. It's that bad.

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