Thursday, 7 July 2016

June book haul!

I'm definitely doing things the wrong way around: I posted my blog about the Chapter 5 Books proof party yesterday, which is going to be half of my July book haul, and now I'm posting about June?
Oh well! Here are the books I bought in June - there are more than I'd hoped there would be, but when I find myself stressed and emotional I always fall back on book buying.

Library book sale:

This was my own fault, because I offered to reorganise the many sales trolleys into genre. While looking through them all I found lots and lots of books I was interested in, but all together this haul cost me £2 (yep, that's 10p per book!). The books in the top picture are all parts of series I was already collecting, while the ones in the bottom picture were impulse buys.

Charity shopping:
I bought one book in a charity shop in June, and I think it was a pretty awesome find! I've been wanting to read 'Anna Dressed In Blood' for a very long time and I haven't been able to get hold of it - that problem's now solved!

New books:
Despite not buying as many books this month as I normally do, I probably spent more on books because I ended up purchasing these 5 brand new books. The bottom four were on buy one, get one half price at Waterstones, while 'Nothing Tastes As Good' has been one of my most anticipating 2016 releases for a very long time - I had to buy it when I saw it.

Only requested one bookbridgr book this month. I'm a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, so I'm instantly interested in any retellings I can get my hands on. Hopefully this one will live up to my expectations, as I've been burnt by Alice retellings in the past...

This month's Owlcrate had the theme of royalty, and it was so gorgeous!

More magnetic bookmarks, and a gorgeous fairy-tale bracelet inspired by the Lunar Chronicles? This box has everything I wanted and more. 
The book in the box this month was the gorgeous 'My Lady Jane', complete with deckled edges! 

There's just something about the bright neon font, and the idea of Lady Jane actually having the potential for a happy ending... I'd been very excited about this one and had nearly pre-ordered it, so I'm glad I waited!

I thought I'd had a horrendously large book buying month this month, so the fact that it was still only 28 makes me feel a little bit better about myself. Next time will be smaller though... Even though I have already managed to acquire 12 books this month!

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