Thursday, 7 July 2016

Chapter 5 #ProofParty!

So a couple of weeks ago, I received a super exciting email from Chapter 5 Books: an invite to their summer Proof Party! I knew I had to go - what could be better than going to London, hanging out with bookish people and picking up beautiful proofs?

Of course, being in London all day I had to do a little bit of shopping before I went to the event, and I hauled these books in a charity shop near the venue:
I was so excited to find a copy of 'With Malice' - I didn't know it had been released yet, and I've been highly anticipating it. They all seem like summery reads, so hopefully I can prioritize these over the next couple of weeks. 

Walking into the pub (a gorgeous old building in the centre of London, complete with narrow wooden staircases and beautiful views) was nerve-wracking - it didn't look like the kind of place where a book event would be held! - and I was so grateful when I bumped into Charlotte (@esbookworm) who I met at the #HowlerParty back in February. It's much easier to walk into one of these events with someone, because if I'm alone I am a definite flight risk!

I'm actually here? This is insane!
The guest of honour at the party was none other than Jennifer L. Armentrout! After grabbing all of the books we could get out hands on, making friends and eating the lovely free food, Jennifer came out for a brief Q+A session where she proved how hilarious she was - she had every person in the room in stitches, particularly when talking about how she managed to write 'Obsidian' (the first book in her best-selling Lux series) in just SEVEN DAYS. 

I met Jennifer and got my books signed - I'd only taken one of them with me, but there were others to pick up at the event so I made the most of it. 

I didn't really know what to say to her, because I've only read a couple of her books, but I don't think I made too much of a fool out of myself!

After meeting Jennifer, it was time for BEAUTIFUL CUPCAKES! 

Then after all of the excitement of the event, I went back to a coffee shop near Victoria coach station, and finished off my day with a nice bit of reading.
I love this book - review coming soon!
Thank you so much to Chapter 5 Books for inviting me to this wonderful event: I hope I can come again, because it was so much fun. 

Oh, wait, I'm forgetting something, aren't I?


First up, 'Frostblood' by Elly Blake:
As you can see, there were two variants to this proof - I picked up the 'Frostblood' variant straight away, but there were still lots of 'Fireblood' left which is why I decided to get that too. 'Frostblood' is the first book in a brand new trilogy, and it's already gaining a lot of attention.
We follow Ruby, a seventeen-year-old fireblood who must hide who she is from the frostblood ruling classes. Sounds a little bit Game of Thrones, with some badassery and a lot of fighting for your life. Hopefully it'll be awesome!
'Frostblood' publishes on January 17th. 

The ARCs of 'Caraval' only arrived the morning of the proof party, so I was very lucky to be able to grab one of these! 
Releasing in January next year, 'Caraval' is the first book in a duology and it has already been receiving rave reviews. Most of the bloggers and reviewers I really respect and trust have been getting ARCs of this one and they've nearly all given it 5 stars - that's very impressive.
Scarlett has always wanted to see Caraval, a yearly performance where the audience are invited to participate. Her father has arranged a marriage for her, but when her invitation to Caraval arrives she flees with the help of her sister... Who is then kidnapped by the ringleader of the show, Legend. It sounds like it's going to be a fantastical book with a focus on family relationships - I'm so desperate to start this one now, but I'm going to try to hold of to a bit closer to release date...
(Plus, it has gorgeous red pages - could it be better?).

Last, but most certainly not least, my most anticipated proof was 'Replica' by Lauren Oliver - I can't believe I actually managed to snag one of these beauties!

'Replica' tells the story of Lyra...

And Gemma.
You can read Lyra's half, and then Gemma's half. Or Gemma's half, and then Lyra's half. Or you can read one chapter from each of them, alternating the perspectives, until you reach the middle of the novel and they meet!
Normally there's only one way to read a book - front to back - so I'm very interested to explore this one a bit further. I don't know which way I'm going to read it first, but I'm definitely going to try it a couple of times.
'Replica' is published in October. It sounds a bit dystopian, with a research facility separating a group of people from the outside world through their entire lives, but it sounds more science-fiction-y... I'm not quite sure what to expect from it, but with it being a Lauren Oliver novel I know I'm going to end up enjoying it.

That's all of the books that I picked up at the party! 
I need to say another massive thank you to Chapter 5 for inviting me to this wonderful event, and for helping to cure the blogging slump - I can't wait to pick up the ball and get back to regularly scheduled programming.

Which of these ARCs should I read first? You decide! 

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