Friday, 31 July 2015

FRIDAY PLAYLIST: Anticipated albums edition

Because I obviously don't have enough CDs already, I always love adding to my collection. With just a few months of 2015 left, I thought it was the perfect time to make a Friday playlist dedicated to the new albums that are on their way - either at the end of this year, or the start of next year. I'm choosing the most recent songs released from the new albums - rather than my favourite songs released - so here goes nothing...

10) Don Broco - 'Automatic'

After the release of 'Priorities', I was a massive Don Broco fan. I've seen them more times than I can remember and have never been disappointed by a live show. However, I really don't like the direction that their new music is going in, 'Superlove' being a prime example of this. I've pre-ordered 'Automatic' (twice, in fact) and I'm seeing the band at Reading festival (and possibly Brixton O2 Academy) but I'm feeling very touch and go about this album. It's out in a couple of weeks time, on August 7, so we'll wait and see what I think of it then...

9) Bullet For My Valentine - 'Venom'

My relationship with Bullet For My Valentine is very much Marmite; I'll either love them or I'll hate them. Debut album? Genius. 'Scream, Aim, Fire'? One of my favourite albums of all time. However, things started to go downhill after that for me, and 'Venom' seems to be the first time that they might redeem themselves to their former glory. 'Venom' is out on August 14.

8) Simple Plan - TBC

Yes, 'Saturday' sounds like some weird-ass pop-punk version of High School Musical, but I FREAKING LOVE IT. I'm hoping the band are going to play some more of their new material at Reading festival but, with just the one song to go off of at the moment, I'm pretty pumped to see how their new album turns out. 

7) The Wonder Years - 'No Closer To Heaven' 

I like The Wonder Years - they're great live, they're a lot of fun and musically they're one of the strongest pop-punk bands around. However, I've always preferred Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties, vocalist Dan "Soupy" Campbell's side project. 'Cardinals' is the first song by the band that I've ever gotten to verging on obsessing with -this one has been on repeat for me since it was released - and I'm hoping that this will be the year that I finally fall in love with The Wonder Years. 'No Closer To Heaven' is releasing September 3. 

6) Creeper - 'The Callous Heart'

I was so impressed with Creeper when I saw them in Swindon back in March, and after they got signed to Roadrunner Records it was pretty obvious big things were on the horizon. 'The Callous Heart', their new EP, is released September 18, and I think it's going to catapult this band to a whole other level. 

5) No Devotion - 'Permanence'

This one would have rated higher, but because of the fact that I've already seen No Devotion twice I actually know what most of the songs sound like. That means it's a bit less of a surprising, what is this album gonna be like?, release, and more of a "thank god you're finally here, I've been waiting all my life for you" release. 'Permanence' releases on September 25, and I can guarantee it's going to be beautiful - 'Grand Central Station' or 'Death Rattle' are likely to be the stand out songs. 

4) Neck Deep - 'Life's Not Out To Get You' 

I've never clicked with Neck Deep. I've liked them, but never loved them. But with the first two releases from 'Life's Not Out To Get You', I've finally had that moment of realisation - hot damn, Neck Deep are Very Bloody Good. Album is released August 14, so excited to see lots of new songs at Reading festival. 

3) Panic! At The Disco - TBC

Panic! At The Disco are another band that I was in love with but have disappointed me frequently in recent years. After the departure of drummer Spencer Smith, it really did seem like it was the Brendon Urie show, and that was something that really got on my goat. 'Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die' was a pretty good album during my first two weeks of listening to it, but after the novelty of new Panic! songs wore off I was disappointed and unimpressed.
When 'Hallelujah' first came out, it felt like a standard Panic! song. Brendon's high, verging on falsetto vocal, and the catchy singalongs; yep, I'd heard it all before. But after a few listens I really love this song, and I'm excited to see what the rest of the album will turn out to be like. 

2) Pierce The Veil - TBC

Gonna admit, I wasn't that happy when 'The Divine Zero' dropped. Compared to the quality of 'Collide With The Sky' as an entire album, the single just felt as though the band had taken a step back and had pulled themselves in and, quite frankly, it bored me. When a new song is released from one of my favourite bands and I feel bored during it? That's not a positive sign.
However, this changed after seeing them perform at the APMA awards last week. I don't know if it was the frenetic energy of the live performance or the return of Tony Perry, but something clicked and this song suddenly appealed to me a hell of a lot more. If they can bring that sort of mojo to their Reading festival performance next month, I'm going to be completely sold on this album. 

1) Bring Me The Horizon - 'That's The Spirit' 

It might seem a bit too predictable, having Bring Me The Horizon as my most anticipated album, but after 'Sempiternal' they have to pull something very special out of the bag. 'Happy Song' sounds like the band are definitely going down a nu-metal, softer kind of sound, and I'm impressed that they're still staying relevant - they were the kings of their screamo/hardcore niche, especially here in the UK, and to go in a completely different direction is a brave move. 'That's The Spirit' will be dropping on September 11.

I also need to give a big shout out to Mayday Parade, who are releasing 'Black Lines' in October - the only reason that isn't included in this playlist is because I'm too excited and nervous to listen to their new single, and I can't recommend it before I hear it for myself! Also, big up to Tonight Alive, who recently finished their new record - no idea when it's coming out, but it should be ace.

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