Saturday, 11 July 2015

Summer Reading Challenge 2015 launch

Today marked the start of the 2015 Summer Reading Challenge, so I thought I'd write a little post explaining exactly what the Summer Reading Challenge is, and encourage you to persuade children you know to participate at their local library. The launch event we did at the library where I work was so much fun - we made a flash mob and performed the macarena multiple times, and then attempted some world record challenges including stacking boiled eggs, making toilet paper towers and playing Turd In The Hole! So, as you can see, you're missing out on all of the fun by not getting involved in this brilliant fun summer event...

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?
Summer Reading Challenge is organised by The Reading Agency, and aims to encourage children and young people between the ages of four and eleven to read during their summer holidays. To complete the Summer Reading Challenge, all you need to do is read six books over summer! As a reward for reading, you get stickers and a medal, but depending on your library you can also get other rewards (for example, the library I work at is offering a free DVD rental voucher, and the first few winners can receive free entry to Beale Park near Reading). 

So... What exactly is Record Breakers?
This year, Summer Reading Challenge is teaming up with Guinness World Records - which, as well as being extremely awesome - is a brilliant collaboration. They're teaming up together because the theme of this Summer Reading Challenge is Record Breakers, meaning that the stickers you receive will teach you all about crazy and unusual world records. You get to learn so much! For example, in the last two days while setting up the displays in the library, I've gotten to stand next to the world's tallest horse and the world's tallest man, and I never would have learnt about either of them without this theme. 

Why should I bother participating?
Because reading is super fun! You might not think so, but it really, really is - if you haven't enjoyed reading so far then you just haven't found the right books for you. Because you need to read the six books to receive your prizes, it's a great opportunity to try new books that you wouldn't necessarily read otherwise; you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 
If you're a parent, or you have younger siblings, PLEASE encourage them to go along. Reading is invaluable, and with the rise of the gaming industry and all children getting given iPads and iPhones, reading is definitely becoming less special amongst the youth of our country. It's something that really needs to be nurtured, because it's a much more productive time sink than just sitting in front of a computer clicking a mouse. 
It's also great to support libraries - I'm biased, because I work in one, but I love seeing young people get excited about coming to the library and getting to take the books they really want to read home. I might seem like a bit of a hypocrite, because I buy so so many books, but I've actively used the library for the last ten years as well as buying books; you can never have too much reading material available. 

If you're not already convinced that it's something you'd enjoy, watch the trailer below: 

See what I mean? It looks like so much fun! So if you live in the UK and you're eligible to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge, it's definitely something you need to do. It runs all throughout the summer holidays, so that's plenty of time to read six books. And if you already enjoy reading, it's the perfect excuse to squeeze in some more hours when your parents want you to tidy the house! 

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