Thursday, 23 July 2015

AUDIOBOOK SAMPLE: 'The Last Leaves Falling' by Sarah Benwell

After participating in Top Ten Tuesday this week, I've found myself unable to stop thinking about 'The Last Leaves Falling' once again - it's such a heartbreaking story, and the characters are so vibrant that they really do haunt you long after finishing the book.

Recently, I've been considering starting to listen to audiobooks, so I'm excited to be able to share this excerpt of 'The Last Leaves Falling' audiobook with you. Because I already know the story I'm probably going to get this title on audiobook; I've always been too nervous to experience a book for the first time in an audio format in case I miss snippets and need to jump back and interrupt the flow, but I think it might be easier if it's a book I already know and love.

Check out the snippet below:

If I do end up listening to this audiobook, you can expect a review of it when I've finished, but I'm still quite reluctant about the format; it's silly of me to find them so scary!

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