Monday, 27 July 2015

COVER REVEAL: 'Antidote' by Taylor Hondos

If you haven't guessed yet, I love creepy novels. Zombies = good. Death and destruction = good. End of the world? Pretty much my favourite thing in a book. So 'Antidote' looks like it's going to be a novel I'm going to fall head over heels in love with, meaning I am extremely excited to be involved in this cover reveal. Scroll on down to see it...

Ooh, the cover is just as creepy as I'd anticipated! But I also love how simplistic it is; the really clear, crisp font has a brilliant juxtaposition with the busier background - this is one that I could look at for hours. If you aren't completely sold on the cover, here's the synopsis: 

Life sucks, and then you rot. No one knows how Dermadecatis is contracted, but its existence has changed everything for 18-year-old Lena, in this riveting debut from Taylor Hondos.
No contact with other people. 
Masks must be worn in public at all times. 
Four months ago men, women and children alike began to rot from the inside out, and the world as we know it changed forever. Life goes on, but now everything revolves around the need to survive and find a cure for Dermadecatis, the disease that Lena Alona's father discovered. 
Unfortunately for Lena and everyone else who is desperate to survive, her father's secrets died when he did.
This appeals to me utterly and completely. The imagery that's being invoked just from the disease name - Dermadecatis - is nausea-inducing; rotting from the inside out must be one of the most inexplicable pains possible, so having this happen to a large majority of the population must cause mass hysteria. Similarly, the cure for the disease being an unknown makes this a brilliant quest novel - find the cure, save the world - and I'm already trying to work out how on earth this could be fixed. My never ending anticipated releases lists has just gained another friend!

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