Wednesday, 22 July 2015

TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five side characters that deserve their own series

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When it comes to side characters, I normally like them more than the protagonists. Come on, you have to agree with me, right? If not, you will after you see this top five - you'll need these books just as much as I do!

5) Alice Cullen from the Twilight series

I know everyone is still waiting on 'Midnight Sun' to be released, but I don't really need any more Edward and Bella. Alice is definitely the most badass member of the Cullen family, so why not follow her for a while? With her precognitive powers allowing her to see the future she could quite easily become a detective, and a series of crime novels focused on her and Jasper would be brilliant stuff.

4) Jonah from 'Way Down Dark'

We get a little bit of Jonah's origin story in 'Way Down Dark', but I think it would be amazing to see some of the years that he grew up with the Pale Women - because he was the only male in their group it would be interesting to see that dynamic. Because 'Way Down Dark' is only the first book in a trilogy we might get more of Jonah's story in the future, but I want that now. 

3) Wren from 'Fangirl'

'Fangirl' follows the story of Cath and Wren, two twins who go off to uni together. Cath is our protagonist and through her we see that Wren goes a little bit off the rails, getting drunk a lot of the time. It would be interesting to see Wren's motivation behind this - whether she also feels separated from her twin and feels the pressures of uni - so I'd love to get a little bit more from this character.

2) Prince Maxon from 'The Selection'

I've only read the first book in 'The Selection' series so far, but I just adore Prince Maxon - he's a little sweetheart! Getting to experience the Selection from his point of view would be brilliant; hearing his thoughts on all of the women, struggling with juggling participating in the contest with helping to run Illéa... I just think it would be much more interesting from the male point of view. 

1) Valentine from The Mortal Instruments series

There aren't enough books written from the perspectives of truly evil characters, so getting inside Valentine's head would be a mind-blowing experience. I find that the bits of The Mortal Instruments that I enjoyed the most were definitely the flashbacks and recollections of Valentine when he was younger, so I would love to read a prequel series detailing his motivations, stories from The Circle, and exactly how he got so damn bad. 

I hope you enjoyed this top five Wednesday! Do you agree with any of my choices? Do you think I missed a really obvious side character that deserves their own series? If so, leave a comment down below!


  1. Yes! Alice! She is about the only character from Twilight I would ever care enough about to see more of her. As long as Bella and Edward make no appearances whatsoever, I say give Alice a chance!

    1. Thank you - I'm so glad you agree. Someone recommended I check out the Twilight short films series that debuted last week, three are about Alice! The link is here if you're interested ->

    2. Thanks for the link. I will look into it.

  2. I'd love a book from Maxon's POV too! I nearly included him in my list but sadly he got beaten out by my other choices. But once you've read the Selection trilogy, pick up The Heir. It's... kind of along the lines of Maxon's POV (that was such a bad summary but I don't want to spoil!).

    Charlotte @ Bookmarks and Blogging

    1. Ooh, that sounds great - I need to get a move on with the series fast!