Friday, 24 July 2015

FRIDAY PLAYLIST: Summer edition

Ah, how optimistic I was when I crafted this playlist. I hoped it was going to be blazing hot outside, the sun beating relentlessly down and making us all curse it due to our British obsession with hating the weather. But currently it's quite chilly, very dull, and definitely pouring down with rain. This summer playlist is more marking the end of July and the near start of August, rather than sun, ice cream and beaches. 

10) 'Sweat' by David Guetta and Snoop Dogg

I'm not that partial to dance music, but it's a summery song so I felt like it had earned a place here.

9) 'Ocean Avenue' by Yellowcard

Old but gold.

8) 'Salt Sweat Sugar' (aka 'Bleed American) by Jimmy Eat World
Returning to the "sweat" theme... 

7) 'The Other Side' by Tonight Alive
It might be because they're Australian, but for some reason Tonight Alive always remind me of summer. Combine that with the fact that this song talks about lying under sunsets, which you definitely don't do in winter!

6) 'Uptown Funk' by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars
This is purely a summer 2015 song, because the most popular songs of the year ALWAYS get over played in summer - it's the number one rule of summer parties, DJ sets and playlists (just like this one!). 

5) 'Sunshine' by Kids In Glass Houses
Yes, this song is utterly melancholic, but if you're British (which I am!) you really do need to learn to "stop wishing for the sunshine" every summer... And I'm definitely "living in the rain" right now. 

4) 'Boomerang' by The Summer Set
When The Summer Set's third album was released I listened to it all summer, so any of the songs from 'Legendary' could have made this playlist - I think 'Boomerang' is fun and catchy though, so had to pick this one. Also, The SUMMER Set? Get it?

3) 'Money Power Fame' by Don Broco
This was a toss up between 'Money Power Fame' and 'You Wanna Know', as both made their live debuts at Reading festival so are quintessential summer tunes.

2) 'Summer Nights' from the Grease soundtrack
Uber cheesy, I know, but who doesn't love Grease?! 

1) 'Summer Paradise' by Simple Plan
There were no contenders for the top spot - Simple Plan had it in the bag the second I decided to create this playlist. As well as being one of the best songs about summer ever written, I'm also seeing them at Reading festival this year, so this is going to become cemented even further into my ideal summer. 

If you're in a different country this playlist might actually reach you on a summery day - or is that just me being optimistic once more? Either way, I hope you enjoyed this playlist, see you next week!

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