Monday, 6 July 2015

'Endings EP' by With Ghosts

After seeing With Ghosts supporting All Ears Avow at the end of June, I lamented once again about the fact that these guys didn't have an EP - so I need to say a huge thank you to the band for sending me 'Endings', which is being released pretty soon.

'Endings' is four songs of completely unadulterated, perfectly produced, pop-punk. It's an obvious fact from the first line of 'Bury Me'. Nathan Gregory's crystal clear vocal rings out over a beautifully played intro, hooking you into the song with a merciless grip, and it just gets catchier from there. This is a chorus that will stick in your mind for hours, or even days, on end; it's already driving me crazy, but I love it so damn much. 
'Just A Ghost' is my favourite song on the album, because it just struck a chord with me so powerfully hearing it live. One of the things I really appreciate about With Ghosts is that their lyrics get extremely dark in places, but the music is still upbeat and enlightening (in a similar vein to twenty one pilots), and even with the lyric "you were the noose around my neck, you were the chair I'll kick right out from under me" I still can't stop smiling through this entire song; the music is just so uplifting and fun!
Third track, 'Sorry, I'm Not Sorry', actually had a video released last night through Discovered Magazine - so first things first, go and check it out! Too often with upcoming bands their videos are cheesy and terribly shot, so it was brilliant that With Ghosts had such a fab production team behind them; I really enjoyed the video. 'Sorry, I'm Not Sorry' feels to me like the heaviest song on the album, and it definitely stands out; you can feel the confidence from the band, as they obviously know what they're doing and aren't afraid to take risks.
Last, but definitely not least, 'Strangers' cements once again how brilliant With Ghosts are lyrically. There isn't a dull moment on this EP, and all of the songs are as great as each other - there isn't a weak link to dull the overall effect of the collection, and fans are not going to be disappointed. After seeing them live multiple times, and already having my favourite songs, the band picked the best ones for this EP - the tracks complement each other brilliantly, each song standing out on its own but also helping to show the audience exactly who With Ghosts are.
If you're a fan of pop-punk, you're going to love this EP. It's been difficult to find a stand-out pop-punk band recently; You Me At Six have developed from their earlier sound, and after Canterbury and Kids In Glass Houses both split it was looking quite dire for the UK pop-punk scene for a while. However, if With Ghosts play their cards right and keep releasing songs like this, they could be filling those vacancies pretty soon. Any band that can write songs that get stuck in your head this early in their career have a huge amount of talent, and I am so excited to see where this band can go. 

Bury Me 
Just A Ghost
Sorry, I'm Not Sorry

If you want to get 'Endings', please pre-order it on their Pledge Music to help the boys out! 

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