Thursday, 30 July 2015

COVER REVEAL: 'House of Grimm' by Ashley Dawson

Phew, another cover reveal? There are so many exciting covers being announced recently that I cannot keep track of them all! I feel like I keep repeating myself, because I'm always so excited about the books - but this is the most exciting of all, because it's based on a retelling of the Brothers Grimm! Scroll down to see the cover, and there will be more information about the book underneath...

Ah it looks so ominous, walking down the path in the middle of nowhere with the stormy sky above you! I can imagine this one is going to be creepy as heck, and it sounds even creepier after you read the synopsis:
After her best friend is the victim of a grisly murder, Dora is dragged unwillingly into a frenzied hunt for answers in this riveting young-adult debut from Ashley Dawson. 
The town of Grimsby is home to horrid secrets, including the true identity of the homicidal book writers in the old estate on the hill--the Brothers Grimm. And Dora is only the latest in a long line of their fairy tale characters destined for an untimely end. With the youngest brother taking a liking to her, she must figure out how to rewrite her story with his help, before the eldest brother writes her off for good. 
It's such a unique spin on a classic tale, and I'm beyond intrigued to see how this one plays out. To combine young adult with a murder mystery is an aspect that isn't explored as thoroughly as it could be, but this story definitely excites my imagination! If you're as interested in 'House of Grimm' as I am, watch this space for more information on the book as we near release day.

Last, but definitely not least, I'd like to say a huge thank you for Booktrope for allowing me to be involved in yet another cover reveal - all of their covers are too good to resist!


  1. Thank you so much for your support! I'm so excited that the cover is finally being shared with the world, and even more excited for publication!

    1. I'm excited too, it's such a brilliant cover. Can't wait to finally read it, bring on publication day!