Friday, 10 July 2015

FRIDAY PLAYLIST: Ed Sheeran edition

Hey guys! In a new, weekly segment I'm introducing to the blog, I'm going to be creating Friday playlists to share with you all. What better way to kick off this new endeavor than with a collection of my top ten Ed Sheeran songs? If you haven't heard, he kicks off the first night of his three nights at Wembley Stadium tonight, and I'm going to be seeing and reviewing his show on Sunday, so I'm just a little bit excited!
These aren't necessarily going to be the most popular songs; just the ones I like the most, or that I think are the most memorable. Hope you enjoy...

10) Hearts on Fire (with Passenger)

I had to pick this song - Passenger is supporting Ed at the Wembley date that I'm attending, and I have all of my fingers crossed that they might possibly do this song together...

9) Lego House

How can you beat a song that has Ron Weasley in the video?

8) Sing

I HATED this when it first came out. Hated with a burning passion. It grew on me pretty fast - I love rap, and acoustic rap can't really be beaten. 

7) Kiss Me

Ed Sheeran's sad songs are definitely the best. This theme will continue, so you might want to get some tissues ready... 

6) Nina

'Nina' is probably the only other song on 'X' that I listen to actively - I'm not as in love with the second album as I was with the first, but it's definitely growing on me!

5) Stay With Me cover

This is one of my favourite songs from last year, and I much prefer Ed Sheeran's voice on the track. He's notoriously good at covers, but this is my favourite of all of them.

4) You Need Me, I Don't Need You

Again; acoustic rap is unbeatable, and I love this one. The first time I saw Ed Sheeran he was relatively undiscovered; 'The A Team' came out a couple of weeks later, and this song was soon afterwards, but it had been stuck in my head in the two months between the show and the release.  

3) Don't

I love the moral behind this one; if you wrong me, I'll wrong you with a badass song. It's also my favourite song off of 'X' by far. 

2) Give Me Love

This has always been one of my favourite Ed Sheeran songs, but it's definitely my favourite video that he's put out - it's hauntingly beautiful. 

1) Wake Me Up

This reminds me of one of my best friends, and much simpler times.

And that's all for this week! I hope you enjoyed this playlist; I had a lot of fun making it. Keep your eyes peeled for my Ed Sheeran review coming on Monday...

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