Wednesday, 22 February 2017

TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Five books to break your reading slump

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I am the queen of the reading slump.
"What?" I hear you cry. "How can that be? You're always reading!"
Well, yeah. Now I am. But for most of my teenagers years I couldn't bring myself to pick up a single book, and the ones that I did took me months of struggling to finally finish. 
These five books are ones that I read during that period of my life. Despite the fact that every book was taking me weeks (okay, months) to finish, I managed to finish all of these books in one sitting, and loved every moment. 

5) 'Red Rising' by Pierce Brown
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I can see that some people could find this one slump-inducing. Pierce Brown's world is very complex, and the hierarchy ranging from the Golds to the Reds is hard to get your head around. Despite the fact that I normally struggle with sci-fi, this quickly became one of my favourite books in the entire world. If you love characters with huge motivation and lots of action, you'll love this one too. 

4) 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' by J.K. Rowling

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Despite the fact that I haven't read the entire Harry Potter series, I really like the first book. I've read it at least four times, and every one of those times I've finished it within a day. I will eventually move on to the other books in the series (I've read the second book a few times, but only read the third once), but it definitely helps inspire me to start reading again. 

3) The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer

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I read this entire series in a week. I don't normally finish series. 'Nuff said.

2) 'Looking For Alaska' by John Green

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'Looking For Alaska' - aka the only John Green novel I'll ever recommend - is a brilliant slumpbuster. It's fun, it's romantic, then it's heartbreaking and depressing and destroys you and makes you never want to read another book again, but you have to read another book to stop thinking about this one.

1) 'Entangled' by Cat Clarke
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This is my ultimate slumpbuster. I've only read it once, but if I ever get into a terribly deep reading slump I am going to pick this one up again and I KNOW it will cure me.
I didn't used to be a fast reader, but I read this one in a sitting. I sat completely still and finished it and then felt extremely disoriented and realised I was late for sixth form. You can't say better than that.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Five Wednesday! What books do you read when you have a slump that really needs bustin'?

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  1. Definitely Harry Potter. The familiarity of the stories and characters are perfect to bring me out of reading slump!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress