Tuesday, 7 June 2016

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten reasons I love summer

(Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish!)

Because the topic this week was a rather open-ended choice, I decided to pick the ten reasons that I like summer.

10) Summer storms
I'm putting this one fairly low because DANGER, but PRETTY!

9) Road trips
I don't drive, but I'm very lucky to have friends that do. Nothing is better than driving around town with the windows down and music blasting. 

8) The animals
Seeing baby birds learning to fly with their parents is one of my favourite things. This happens more towards the end of spring and the beginning of summer, but it's beautiful nonetheless.

7) Warmth
I always get sunburnt, so I don't LOVE the sun, but I do like not needing to put on four layers of clothing before I leave my house. I feel the cold very easily, so winter is torture for me.

6) Nature
This counts separately to animals, because trees and plants are so much more beautiful when they have leaves and it makes it very exciting to go outside. 

5) Dog walks
My dog is getting a little bit old, so sometimes he struggles to go on walks in winter because of the cold. This means the energy and excitement he has for walks in summer is adorable!

4) Relaxing
Don't they look so happy to be led in the sun reading?! Even if it looks like their books might not be real... 
This used to be my favourite thing about summer while I was still at school, because you go from having all of the revision and homework to having nothing to do for six weeks. It's not the same when you're working all the time, but if I have a spare afternoon I don't feel so guilty about lounging round and doing nothing.

3) Friends
Sadly my friends are not cool enough to do well-timed jumping shots, but we are the type of people who hang out in children's parks getting sunburnt and playing Cards Against Humanity and catch. Because a lot of them go to uni I don't see them much during the year, but summer is a great time to catch up.

2) Tank tops
My favourite wardrobe item. You can wear tank tops in winter, but you'll find yourself being severely judged.

1) Festivals
It's a well-known fact that all of the best festivals happen in summer. Download, Reading, Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, V... The list is endless. Obviously I can't attend all of them, but it's still fun to watch videos and look through all of the photos.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! What are your favourite things about summer?


  1. Summer storms are the best! I love the quick storm and then the cool down after. It's perfect :) Great post!
    My TTT

    1. It's really lovely in the middle of the night, because it takes so much pressure out of the air! :)

  2. I love storms! Rainy days are my favorite, but I am not a fan of summer. I do like to relax at the beach with a book.
    My TTT.

    1. I've never actually managed to read at the beach, but I'm going to try and get around to that.

  3. I really am terrified of storms. I try to keep my fear at a minimum because our 6 year old dog is also scared of them and I don't want to feed into his fear and make it worse. So therefore when it storms, I try to play with him, dance with him and my other dog or others things to keep our minds off of them. I don't really love winter, but at least winter storms in my neck of the woods are a lot quieter.

    1. My dog is also afraid of storms, but because I'm not afraid of them I find it a lot easier to calm him down - you're very brave to look after them when you're frightened!

  4. Oh yes, great pick for this weeks prompt! Love that this prompt means nearly all our posts are about something different. We just had a summer storm today and it was incredible! I am rather glad I was indoors and comfy haha. You can check my TTT post out here.

    1. It's been so brilliant to explore everyone's choices, such a varied community :)

  5. I love your take on this Top Ten. My favourite part of summer is a lazy afternoon. As Henry James said: Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. I couldn't agree more.

    1. I have never encountered that quote before, but that's so beautiful and I also agree completely.

  6. Sitting outside reading is one of my favourite things about summer!
    My TTT:

    1. Sitting outside reading is so enjoyable, with a lovely breeze and the sounds of the animals.

  7. Great list - love this topic choice! I love so many of these things about summer, particularly the summer storms and relaxing outside, especially when there is some reading involved :)
    Heres my TTT

  8. I understand your ambivalence about storms. I loved the winter storms on the East coast (U.S.) but always worried about those who had no shelter

    My TTT list