Monday, 6 June 2016


(l-r: Ryan Valentino - vocals, Jack Metcalfe - drums, Jermaine Angin - bass, Daniel Dorney - guitars)

I stumbled across The Hunna earlier in the week, and I was struck by how unique and appealing Ryan Valentino's vocal tone is. Upbeat indie music is hard to come across, with the majority nowadays favouring a stripped back sound, so The Hunna are instantly refreshing with their easy singalongs and great dance beats.
If you're a fan of Coasts you won't be able to resist The Hunna. The similarity between them is undeniable, and The Hunna actually toured with Coasts in the past - another reason that they're gaining so much attention so quickly.
Currently in the middle of a headline tour that's completely sold out, if you want to see The Hunna in 2016 you'll need to catch them in September or October. They've already moved on from headlining the Electric Ballroom to headlining The Forum, and I can't see that trajectory slowing any time soon. They're also the can't miss band at Reading and Leeds festival: The Hunna are easily going to draw one of the biggest crowds of the day.

Listen to breakout single 'You & Me' now:
If you enjoyed that, you can pre-order debut album '100' here and join me in eagerly anticipating its release on August 28th.

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