Wednesday, 8 June 2016

May book haul

Welcome to yet another book haul! At least this one's a little more timely than the last few months have been...
I bought more books than I expected to this month, but also less books than normal, so I think that evens it out.

Library book sale:
I've recently been re-reading A Series of Unfortunate Events, so when I spotted those withdrawn I didn't have a choice - I needed to buy them. I haven't read a Siobhan Dowd novel before, but 'Solace of the Road' looks very interesting.

Charity shop purchases:
After reading a couple of Neil Gaiman's books, I've been looking out for more of them - this copy of 'Stardust' is in practically brand new condition and was only 25p! I'm also very excited about finding 'The Colour of Magic' - I can finally start the Discworld series! 

New books: 
I purchased 'The Last Star' on the day it came out, but I still haven't had enough time to read it despite the level of my excitement being through the roof. 
HarperCollins sent me through a copy of 'The Crown' on release day: I haven't finished the original trilogy yet, but it's something I will get around to, so thank you!

The beautiful proof of 'Lie With Me' by Sabine Durrant came from Mulholland Books, while the gorgeous hardback copy of Matthew Quick's 'Every Exquisite Thing' arrived from the folks over at Headline. Thank you both for accepting my requests to read and review these titles! 

When I found out that Owlcrate was going to be focusing on Steampunk in May, I'm not ashamed to admit that a little bit of pee came out. Steampunk is one of my favourite things! 
When it arrived and I saw all of the gorgeous crafted jewelry I was so happy; this is my favourite Owlcrate by far. I also love the look of 'Everland' - a steampunk retelling of Peter Pan.
The box also came with some funky temporary tattoos, which I'm too afraid to use:

Because Illumicrate only arrives every three months, it's always an exciting day when it gets here, but when it comes bearing gifts of Emery Lord books and signed book plates?! That's an impressive feature of the box. 
I also love the 'What Happens in Book Club Stays in Book Club' mug, and the adorable stamp of the fox sitting on his books: eventually I would love to stamp him into the front cover of my entire library.
As well as the things above, Illumicrate also came with a bunch of extra promotional material - the box was overflowing!

So that's only 19 books this month! If I'm right that is the first time I've ever hauled under 20, which shows that I am successfully pulling back the book buying. 
See you next month, when I'll hopefully purchase even less!

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