Wednesday, 25 May 2016

TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five characters I defend

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There aren't many characters that I like that everyone hates, so I'm not often pushed to defend anyone. That means I'm having to choose a blend of book characters and TV characters.

5) Ross Geller
I love all the Friends characters equally. Why does everybody hate Ross?!?!

4) Molly Barlow
Molly cheats on her boyfriend with his brother, then cheats on his brother with him... She makes a lot of mistakes, but the boys are just as guilty and they hardly get blamed at all: damn society! 

3) Tate Langdon
Yes, Tate did a lot of bad things. He had been dealing with bullying and a mentally abusive mother for his entire life, so I still feel sympathetic towards him.  

2) Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen is the only decent Cullen, but so many people write her off just because she's part of the family. 

1) Jace Wayland
More specifically Jamie Campbell Bower's Jace: I think it was perfect casting, but a lot of people prefer Dominic Sherwood's portrayal! 

I hope you enjoyed this Top Five Wednesday! What characters do you always need to defend?


  1. I agree about Alice Cullen. I would really like to see a book or movie about her. She was always my fave and the only tolerable person for me in the whole series.

    1. She was so brilliant! I thought her future sight was the most interesting vamp power as well, but so underrated.

  2. I've never read the books, but I did watch the movie and a few of the episode, and I think the problem people have with Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace, is the fact that Jace is suppose to be this Uber attractive badass, and Jamie Campbell Bower...Well...He comes up a little short... :\
    My Top Five Wednesday!

    1. Gasp! Have you SEEN Jamie Campbell Bower's cheekbones?! I'm totally biased - I bumped into him at an Of Mice and Men concert and he's even more stunning in real life - but I am a sucker for cheekbones.

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