Monday, 9 May 2016

NEW MUSIC MONDAY: Colour Me Wednesday

(l - r: Camela Pietrangelo (bass), Harriet Doveton (guitar) and Jennifer Doveton (vocals))

A few weeks ago I had an email recommending Colour Me Wednesday's new EP, and as soon as I heard it I knew I had to wait for it to get nice and sunny before I featured them. 'Anyone and Everyone' is the epitome of summer - it's a pop EP stuffed to the brim with indie-vibes, and will definitely appeal to fans of Coasts, Vampire Weekend and Haim.
Colour Me Wednesday have already released one album - 2013's 'I Thought It Was This Morning' - and contributed to a split album with Spoonboy back in 2014. They've now been signed to KROD Records to put out this release. 

'Anyone and Everyone' is only a four song EP, but it's brilliant. I hadn't heard of the band before, but it's definitely grabbed my interest and convinced me to dive into their back catalogue. I was particularly impressed by 'Horror Story', the shortest song on the EP (coming in at under two minutes) but also the one that exhibits the most potential for where the band could go next, really standing out from the other three tracks. I also enjoyed closer 'In Your Shoes', with the repetitive hook that certainly gets itself stuck in your head.
Listen to 'Horror Story' below:

I hope you enjoyed this New Music Monday - see you again next week!
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