Thursday, 5 May 2016

April book haul!

Didn't I tell you I'd get this one up in a more timely fashion?! I've been really slacking for the past few months, but hopefully this will be the start of a more productive period!

Library book sale:
This month, I only purchased one book from the library book sale: namely 'Party' by Tom Leveen. I've been looking at this one for a while, and when I realised it was still there I grabbed it, but I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about it. Apparently it follows the viewpoints of eleven - yep, ELEVEN - different characters. (I wonder if he chose eleven because it's nearly an anagram of his surname?).

Charity shopping:
I didn't buy as many charity shop books as I normally do either. As you can see, in the above pile I managed to pick up quite a few classics that I'm interested in, as well as some brand new releases that I got for a steal (the new Derek Landy hardback was only £2!). The copy of 'Disclaimer' I found was also £2, and - shock of the century - it's also signed. 

Be still my beating heart!

As well as those charity shop books, I also managed to pick up five ARCs. 
I am SO EXCITED to read 'Kill The Boyband' - which publishes in a fortnights time - and 'You Know Me Well', which isn't released until June. I was actually accepted to read and review 'In The Dark, In The Woods' on NetGalley, but my copy was missing every other sentence so I couldn't read it - I'm looking forward to FINALLY being able to dive into this one. 

Graphic novels:
I had to treat myself to the second volume of 'Gotham Academy' when it came out - look how gorgeous the art is!

Birthday books: 
April was also the month that I turned 20. I'm no longer a teenager, guys! It's so scary. But my wonderful mum managed to soften the blow by getting me these three books, and I'm very excited about all of them (particularly 'Frozen Fire', which I've looked at a lot in the past!). 

Brand new books:
Compared to most of my book hauls, this month was rather tiny, so I didn't feel so guilty about treating myself to some brand new books. 
'Shadow and Bone' was left over from my day as a World Book Night giver. I enjoyed the first installment in the series, so I'm not too mad about having to keep this one. 
I had to buy 'The Curious Tale of the Lady Caraboo', because I'm attempting to read all of the books that are nominated for the YA Book Prize before the winner is announced at the beginning of June, and this is the only one they didn't have on the catalogue at the library. I also couldn't stop myself from purchasing 'The Raven King' on release day - I haven't read any of the quartet yet, but I'm much more inclined to now it's finished.
The final new book I bought for myself was 'Shaken' by Joss Stirling. I was going to buy it anyway, because I really liked the first two installments in the series and wanted to read on, but imagine my surprise when I opened up the book and found this on the first page...

YEP. I am famous. It's official. You can line up over there with copies of your books for me to sign, I don't mind it.
But seriously, I was SO excited that I ran to the counter and paid for the book without a second thought. 

Maximum Pop! books:
I won my first ever Maximum Pop! books competition last month, and I quickly followed it up by winning another! I was so excited when 'Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend' arrived... But when I realised it was about a girl dating an ACTUAL Pterodactyl, rather than a metaphorical title... I got a little bit scared.

 I also received one book from bookbridgr this month: 'Long Dark Dusk', the sequel to 'Way Down Dark' which I read and really enjoyed last year. I haven't had time to read this second book in the trilogy just yet, but I'm getting around to it!

As soon as I saw that the genre for this month's Owlcrate was dystopian, I was sure I knew what the book included was going to be. I wasn't wrong.

Yep, it was 'Flawed' by Cecelia Ahern! I've already read the book and didn't enjoy it much, but I can't say that this physical copy isn't gorgeous. I love the simplicity of the design, even if it does make me feel a little uncomfortable that - when you take off the translucent slip cover - it is just a picture of a black girl with the word 'FLAWED' printed underneath it...

As well as all of the above items, the April Owlcrate also came with this lovely art print of a quote from 'The Star-Touched Queen', which I hadn't heard of but definitely need to keep an eye out for. 

That means I only hauled 24 books this month, including two that I won and four that I was given. I bought less than 20 books! That might be (probably is) the first time that's ever happened. I feel so successful. 
Hopefully I'll keep my book buying to a minimum in May, too!


  1. Man, you got so many great books I don't know where to begin. Congrats on the Derek Landy book - what a steal. Also, I picked up a copy of "In the Dark Dark Wood" last week in Walmart (I usually allow myself to splurge and buy one book when I am there each week). I love the cover for "The Bones of You" and I think I am going to have to grab "Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend" for my Kindle. I am going to get "Kill the Boy Band" from my not so local library - same county, different town (confusing huh?) because it just plain sounds fun. Congrats on turning 20!

    1. I've heard amazing things about it, so hopefully your Walmart purchase will have been worthwhile! I have a feeling 'Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend' will either make me laugh or cry - hopefully it'll be the former, because if it is a comedy I think it'll be a brilliant one. I'm not sure if my library are going to be getting 'Kill the Boyband' in or not - you're lucky that yours is!
      Thank you! :)