Monday, 16 May 2016


(l-r: Jamie Keenan - drums, Kerr Okan - vocals, John Gerard - vocals/bass, Iain Findley - guitar, Darren McCaughey - guitar/keyboard)

When you see a band live and the second song they played in their set is still stuck in your head a week later, you know you  have a problem. You also know that they have to be featured on New Music Monday, because they write brilliant songs.
That's exactly what's happened with The LaFontaines. I only saw them last Tuesday and 'Under the Storm' has been stuck in my head ever since (you can scroll down to listen to it!).

It might seem strange that I'm featuring a band who formed six years ago, but because their debut album 'Class' has been out for less than a year, they still qualify in my eyes.
The LaFontaines have certainly made a name for themselves on the touring circuit over the years - they've supported bands such as Twin Atlantic, 3OH!3, All Time Low and The Blackout, as well as artists including Professor Green, Tinchy Stryder and N-Dubz.
That alone proves that they have a universal appeal, and with their thick Scottish accents and the rap sound they lean towards, unique is the best word to describe them. If you can find me another band like them, I'll be extremely surprised.
After performing at T in the Park in 2011 they gained a lot of positive attention, leading to them being signed to LAB Records (where they were label mates with Fort Hope, Blitz Kids and William Beckett) in 2013. They released two EPs with LAB (2013's 'All She Knows' and 2014's 'Under the Storm'), but they parted ways with the label and created their own - 889 Records - to release 'Class'. It charted at #10 in the Scottish album charts and #98 in the UK album charts - an impressive feat for a first release, and one that their relentless touring schedule definitely helped them achieve.

If you love Sam McTrusty's voice but wish he rapped a bit more, The LaFontaines will be the perfect band for you.

Listen to 'Under the Storm' here to get it stuck in your head too:

I hope you enjoyed this New Music Monday - see you again next week!
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