Wednesday, 23 March 2016

TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five books I wanted to DNF

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I've already shared with you before, I can't DNF books. If you don't know what DNF means, it stands for 'did not finish' - you decide that you aren't going to finish the book, no matter how much it begs you... You just put it down and never finish it again.
I mentioned before that there were a few books that I hadn't finished yet - books that I'd put down and just haven't gotten around to picking up again, but definitely will. So these are the five books that I really wish I'd just said no to, because I hated them so utterly and completely.

5) 'Hot Feminist' by Polly Vernon
I don't like Polly's writing style, I hate the fact that this was branded as feminist text but was a glorified fashion article... Blegh.

4) 'Morning Star' by Pierce Brown
On the other hand, I didn't want to finish 'Morning Star' because I didn't want the Red Rising trilogy to come to an end. Normally I would have finished a book of this size within a few days - a week at the most - but 'Morning Star' took me nearly two weeks because I had to keep stopping. There was just too much potential for pain.

3) 'Ferryman' by Claire McFall
'Ferryman' was one of the first books I ever reviewed on this blog, and I detested it. It was cliched, the editor didn't do a very good job meaning the character's names were interchangeable, and it was so damned repetitive that I nearly pulled my own hair out. She travels to the other side, then decides "nah, yknow what, I don't feel like being dead" so forcibly travels back to the land of the living. If you can show me a more ridiculous happy ever after, please go ahead.

2) 'Flight To Eternity' by J. R. Harrison
I had to finish it, because it was only just over a hundred pages and if I'd given up I would have been a failure. But 'Flight To Eternity' really hurt my brain. 

1) 'Only We Know' by Simon Packham
'Only We Know' is the story of a transgender girl who gets outed as transgender. However, her being transgender is kept a secret until the end of the novel, so it's used to maximise the shock value. Any book that uses someone's gender as a plot twist is absolute garbage, and I wish I'd stopped reading 'Only We Know' so it wouldn't still make me so unbearably angry. Grr. 

I hope you enjoyed this Top Five Wednesday! Would you recommend I stop finishing books I hate, or do you also struggle to DNF a title? 


  1. I relate with you when it comes to DNFs. I always struggle through each book like I owe it to the authors to read until the very end. That is why I hardly have a DNF list:-)

    Only We Know sounds pretty awful, that doesn't sound like much of a twist. When I read your first line I thought it sounded like a great book until I read the twist.

    Here is my T5W for this week:

  2. I rarely DNF books. I'm not sure why I can't do it, but I find it hard. However, like you, there are several I wish I had so I love your take on this. I just put a new Ferryman title on my Waiting for Wednesday last week and I just had to check and make sure it wasn't the same one - that sounds horrible!

  3. Morning Star is such a perfect trilogy ender. It hurt because it's the end but it was so satisfying!