Tuesday, 8 March 2016

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten characters I hate - but everyone loves

(Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish!)

Do you ever find a character that causes your blood to boil, your vision to turn red, steam to come out of your ears... Just to discover that everyone else LOVES that character?
You feel like you're surrounded by idiots. How could anyone like them? They have no redeeming characteristics - they make you want to tear your hair out!
These ten characters give me those feelings. I've had to mix book and TV series characters, because there aren't actually that many that I hate that people disagree with me on... But there are enough.

10) Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries
I can't actually remember if Bonnie is a part of The Vampire Diaries book series, because it's been so long since I forced myself through the first four installments. She just really annoys me in the TV series! I haven't watched the last couple of seasons, so she might have gotten better... But I'm not holding out hope.

9) Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead
I hate Carl in comic and TV format. Stupid Carl.

8) Ezra and Cassidy from 'Severed Heads, Broken Hearts'
The most annoying book I think I've ever read, a lot of people adore Ezra - the former jock who loses everything in a car accident - and Cassidy - the manic pixie dream girl who has insane debating club skills.

7) Alina and Mal from the Grisha trilogy
I also hate Alina and Mal equally, so this is another double hitter.

6) Darren from 'Me Being Me Is Exactly As Insane As You Being You'
This book, told entirely in lists, was one of my most anticipated reads, but I hated Darren and his constant complaining. A lot of people loved the book, but I don't know how much of that was for Darren and how much was for the list structure.

5) Daniel from the Fallen series
I haven't read the last two books in the Fallen series, so Daniel might get better in those two installments, but I really didn't like him in 'Fallen' or 'Torment'. I adore Cam, the bad boy of the series - and I know some people agree with me, because he ended up getting his own spin-off novel! - but people seem to like Daniel a lot more.

4) Bellamy Blake from 'The 100'
I like Bellamy in the books, because at this point I've only read the first installment of the trilogy. However, I really dislike Bellamy in the TV series... At least, I detest him in season three, he'd been okay up until this point! It might also be the Bellarke shippers that lead to my dislike of him, because I'm very much rooting for Clarke and Lexa to end up together.

3) Augustus Waters from 'The Fault In Our Stars'
I'm talking about irritating characters, I have to mention Augustus. It's a law on this blog.

2) Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries
The second inclusion from The Vampire Diaries, I dislike Elena a lot more than I dislike Bonnie so it was only fair for me to separate them! She's just so annoying: the love triangle, the constant complaining, the "I'm gonna set my house on fire just so I can watch it burn" attitude.

1) Hanna Marin from the Pretty Little Liars series
I must clarify - I only hate book Hanna. TV series Hanna is flawless, and I adore Ashley Benson's portrayal of her more than I like most things. In fact, in the TV series the only one of the girls I don't particularly gel with is Spencer, and I really like her in the books: they switched around!

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! Are there any characters that you really, really hate?


  1. I spent many episodes of The Walking Dead wishing Carl would die. He has grown on me as he has gotten older. Now I just chant for Judith's death. I know it sounds cold, but eh, doesn't bother me. I watch Pretty Little Liars but I think Aria annoys me the most. She always looks like a doe caught in headlights and to be bright, she comes up with some stupid plans. Great list!

    1. Babies in the apocalypse are much too dangerous - I will join you in your chanting! It's true that Aria does come up with some stupid plans, but she has my fashion sense so I need to forgive her :P

  2. WHAT?!! You don't like Gus?!
    I haven't watched TVD since series 3, I just kind of fell out of love with it. I may give it another go at some point. I always kind of liked Bonnie, but yeah Elena was annoying, she was just so whiny all the time!
    Haven't watched The 100 in a while too, I didn't quite reach the end of Season 2. I actually hated Bellamy at first, but liked him more as he actually got his act together and became more of a leader.
    I really need to read the Grisha trilogy.

    1. I KNOW! I'm a horrible person!
      See, this was my problem. I loved the first three seasons, but then it went really far downhill... Now I kind of hate all of the characters, just because it's draining. However, I think The 100 is getting better as the series goes on - season 3 is by far my favourite, so you should definitely continue on!

  3. I had Elena on my list and removed her because I was getting so annoyed trying to pinpoint why. She ruined that show for me. My TTT

    1. I could have listed many, many reasons why - in fact, that could have been the entirety of my top ten!

  4. I hate Gus too, he was on my list also! I never read the PLL books, so I don't know what Hanna was like in those but I also love TV Hanna, she's my favourite of the liars!
    My TTT:

    1. I recommend the first four PLL books, but after that they go rapidly downhill! They're written in a much more disposable style - all of the minor characters literally appear for a book each, then they're never mentioned again!

    2. I feel like now I've been watching the series for so long, reading the books would probably just confuse me as I've gathered by now they've completely diverged?

    3. Yep, they've gone down completely different routes. I haven't read the last four PLL books, so I don't know how they go, but there's a couple of books where they're on a cruise, then there's a skiing trip and an island retreat - a lot more 'rich girls go exploring' than actual Rosewood drama.

  5. Freaking Bonnie Bennett. She is the dirt freaking worst. Every single scene with her was like torture. Carl was so annoying in the beginning, but by season 5 he started to grow on me. Though, I feel like his character in the show is hella inconsistent.

    My TTT.

    1. His character is totally inconsistent, I completely agree! I feel as though they started writing him one way and then they thought 'hm, boys going through puberty have lots and lots of mood swings' and went really over the top. I do hate Bonnie, though.

  6. I tried to read Fallen but I was so irritated by Luce that I couldn't finish.

    Check out my TTT.

    1. I didn't like Luce either, but I thought Daniel was way worse!