Monday, 14 March 2016

NEW MUSIC MONDAY: With Confidence

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(l-r: Inigo Del Carmen, Jayden Seeley, Joshua Brozzesi, Luke Rockets)

I've been thinking about featuring With Confidence, one of the newest additions to the Hopeless Records roster, for a few weeks now. They were signed at the beginning of January, so they've been on the label for just over two months, but big things are already happening for the band - in the past few weeks they've announced their own headline Australian tour and supporting slots for both The Wonder Years and As It Is. 
Formed in Sydney in 2012, With Confidence started off as a three piece comprising of Jayden, Josh, and their high school friend Samuel Haynes. It wasn't long before Inigo joined their ranks, and the guys started posting videos on Youtube. Their first single 'Stand Again', taken from their self-released EP, 'Youth', was well-received, leading to slots across Australia, as support for bands such as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Five Seconds Of Summer. 
Following the 'Youth' EP, in January 2014 Samuel announced that he was leaving the band - his replacement, Luke, joined, forming the With Confidence that we know and love today. They released a second EP, 'Distance', in January 2015, then were signed by Hopeless just twelve months later.
When the band signed to Hopeless, they released their newest single 'We'll Be Okay', which you can listen to below: 

You can certainly see why they supported 5 Seconds of Summer, because with their summery brand of pop heavy pop-punk, they fit in perfectly with that style of band. The song is a lot of fun, and for it to be the first song they've released since being signed is very impressive.

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