Wednesday, 2 March 2016

TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five biggest book hangovers

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I don't get book hangovers as frequently as I used to - at this point I throw myself from book to book, becoming more of an emotional wreck as the time goes on - but these five damaged me when I read them.

5) 'Every Day' by David Levithan
This was equal parts book hangover and reading a really awful book straight afterwards. I flew through 'Every Day', reading it in a day, but followed it up with 'Severed Heads, Broken Hearts' by Robyn Schneider, which I despised. I've never been able to work out if I hated it so much because it was following one of my favourite books... I'll try a re-read one day and see if it makes me want to rip my hair out. 

4) 'The Collector' by John Fowles
I'm not sure whether to count 'The Collector' as a book hangover or not, because I really just got stuck on this book. Yes, it was assigned reading for my English literature class, but I loved it so much that instead of just reading it the recommended two times, I read it four times - back to back. I just finished it and then started it again straight away, over and over and over. I've never gotten stuck on repeat so violently, but it's a breathtaking book. 

3) '1984' by George Orwell
'1984' is one of those classics that is still so relevant today that it's terrifying. The government watching every move that you make, just preparing to use it against you... Shudder. This book nearly put me in a coma, it sent my brain into such a high level of overdrive. 

2) 'Allegiant' by Veronica Roth
If you've ever visited my blog before, you'll know that 'Allegiant' disappointed me so much. More than words will ever be able to describe. It disappointed me so much that I nearly entirely gave up on reading - I just didn't want to have any other let downs. 

1) 'Looking For Alaska' by John Green
It feels like I'm mentioning 'Looking For Alaska' every week at the moment, but it's just so easy to apply to everything! When I read this book, I couldn't read anything else for about two months. It destroyed me. I cried just thinking about it for at least three weeks - I was a mess. This is definitely my worst book hangover to date, and I kind of hope I never experience it again. 

I hope you enjoyed this Top Five Wednesday! Did you share any of my book hangovers, or have you had awful ones of your own? 


  1. 1984! Great choice. It's quite the mind exploder. I just sat here trying to remember was Looking for Alaska was about then I did and it gave me a pang in my chest. I think I block it out of my memory because it was so heart wrenching.

    Here's my BOOK HANGOVERS

    1. It's one of those ones that I really wish I could block out! I was planning on re-reading it fairly soon, but I don't know if I'm that masochistic... :P

  2. I've only read one three and four, but BOOK HANGOVERS! Aaah!

    The last one I got was after Glass Sword, but I completely understand what you're mean by throwing yourself at books and feeling the repercussions later, SO SO TRUE!

    Aditi @

    1. I haven't read Red Queen OR Glass Sword yet because I want to wait for the series to be completed, but I've heard great things about them - kind of want to jump on board now!