Friday, 2 October 2015

September book haul!

I was SO CERTAIN that I wasn't going to buy too many books this month.

So certain.

So certain... 

Just keep scrolling to see all  59 of the books I bought this month. Oh yeah, my certainty was misplaced.

Library book sale: 
Eight books isn't actually that bad, because I've been tempted by a heck of a lot more!

Books from charity shopping: 
Such a mixed batch of books this month. Crime novels, sci-fi novels, Man Booker prize winners, classics... But all so beautiful! 

I also went to London this month, which meant I needed to go to the two charity shops down there where I frequently find amazing deals. The pile of books on the right is all of the published, finished copies of novels that I bought - the pile on the left are the ARCs that I managed to find. The ARC of 'Lorali' by Laura Dockrill is actually signed! As you can see, four of the books are actually manuscripts: 

Aren't they so beautiful?

Jenny Valentine:
In the middle of September, I went back to Waterstones in Oxford to meet Jenny Valentine. I had read Jenny's early novels when I was younger, but I didn't own physical copies of any of her books - I purchased them all to take along and get signed. 

The Works:
The Works that I regularly frequented closed down last month, but there's another store a little way out of the town center... Stupidly, I went along to it and bought a few books. But the entire Legend trilogy for £10, that's a steal - right?! 

Various other brand new things:
I'm not good at buying brand new books, because they're rather expensive. I managed to get all three of these at reduced prices, however, so I couldn't help myself. A brilliant friend recommended Neil Gaiman to me, so when I stumbled across a couple of his books I couldn't stop myself, and I've heard such amazing things about 'Six of Crows' so had to pre-order!

The same friend who recommended Neil Gaiman to me also introduced me to the wonders of comic book shopping... I managed to hold myself back and only buy two this time, but this collection is going to grow. 

I'd completely forgotten I'd ever applied for 'Mosquitoland' by David Arnold, so when headline publishing sent it through to me I was over the moon. Thank you headline, and  thank you bookbridgr!

Competition wins:
I won two competitions this month! Yay me!

The first competition I won was a copy of 'Trouble In Mind' by Jeffery Deaver. This is the second Jeffery Deaver novel I've one, and both of them came from Goodreads First Reads, so thank you Goodreads!

Last, but most certainly not least, I won 'Am I Normal Yet?' by Holly Bourne. As you can see, the front cover is beautiful - the black background is made up from words taken out of the narrative, which is a fabulous design choice. I received this book from Usbourne Publishing!

So that's it for another month of excessive book buying! Hopefully October will have less of that... Maybe...

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