Friday, 23 October 2015

FRIDAY PLAYLIST: Broken up bands edition

It's been a whole year since I went to see Kids In Glass Houses on their farewell tour, so it only feels right to use this week to commemorate all of the bands that shouldn't have broken up. Tissues at the ready!

10) My Chemical Romance
One of the most shocking splits of all time, no one was expecting this news. 

9) Elliot Minor
It's crazy that Elliot Minor officially went on hiatus five years ago (and, by the way, hiatuses totally count as splits because they're extended breaks), and despite the fact that they played a few one of reunion shows last year, it doesn't really feel like they're back. 

8) The Academy Is...
The Academy Is... have announced a couple of reunion shows, supporting the tenth anniversary of their debut album, but is this a fully blown reunion? I somehow don't think so. 

7) Framing Hanley
Framing Hanley announced their break up earlier this year, and unfortunately they couldn't play any UK farewell shows. They were underrated, and definitely deserved more recognition than they received.

6) Madina Lake
It's been two years since Madina Lake played their farewell tour, which blows my mind - it only feels like a few months ago that they announced it! This one was rather expected, as they'd always planned to write a trilogy of albums, which wrapped up with the release of 'World War III'. 

5) Save Your Breath
After supporting Kids In Glass Houses on their farewell tour, Save Your Breath decided to call it a day as well. 

4) Funeral For A Friend
I wasn't surprised when Funeral For A Friend announced their farewell tour - I'd been convinced that the end was near after seeing them at Oxford - but I was still disappointed. I've got tickets to their final two London shows, so I'm looking forward to April to give them the send off they deserve.

3) Blitz Kids
I think Blitz Kids break up is definitely the biggest loss for the UK rock scene. Their debut album, 'The Good Youth', was the stand-out debut of 2014, and the follow up would have been spectacular. I still don't understand this split.

2) Kids In Glass Houses
If I could change one of the break ups on this list, it would be this one. RIP, KIGH. </3 

1) The Blackout
The Blackout are on the same level as Kids In Glass Houses, for me. They were both my favourite bands, and I lost them both within a year, which bloody well sucked! Two huge losses for the Welsh rock scene, which is looking rather forlorn now. 

I'm gonna go and have a little cry, but I hope you liked this playlist...

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