Friday, 16 October 2015

FRIDAY PLAYLIST: Warped UK edition

Somehow, the time has flown by so quickly that it's nearly the end of October - that means it's time to get excited for Warped UK, which is happening this Sunday! Out of the fifty bands on the line up, there is only one that I don't like, so I'm going to have a very busy day running around trying to see as many people as possible. These are the ten I'm most looking forward to seeing, so buckle up:

10) Black Veil Brides
I don't really like Black Veil Brides, but because they're one of the two co-headliners I'm definitely going to make the effort to go along for a couple of songs in their set. I'm not sure what I'll think, but I'll try anything once!

9) John Coffey
I like John Coffey's sound, so I'm interested to see them in that respect, but I also want to see if their vocalist, David Achter, does anything as awesome as he did at Pinkpop festival this summer.

8) Beautiful Bodies
I am very partial to a female vocalist, so I need to catch Beautiful Bodies. I'm already seeing them in February, supporting The Maine and Mayday Parade, so if the set clashes are too deadly I probably will skip them - hopefully the stage time gods will be on my side. 

7) Boy Jumps Ship
I keep missing Boy Jumps Ship, which is a shame because they're a brilliant example of UK pop punk. Their material is really catchy, and I feel like I could really get into this band. 

6) The Word Alive
The Word Alive are one of those bands that I've nearly seen multiple times, but the plans have always fallen through. I'm definitely going to catch some of their set at Warped, even if I can't see the whole thing.

5) Asking Alexandria
I've never loved Asking Alexandria. However, I think their new vocalist Denis Shaforostov is much more vocally talented than their previous vocalist, so I'm interested to hear how their old songs play out with a new singer. 

4) Never Shout Never
'What Is Love?' by Never Shout Never was one of my favourite albums of all time when it was released. Because their direction has changed so much over the years (the addition of more band members, Christofer Drew Ingle's voice breaking) I almost hoping that they don't play earlier songs - new release 'Hey! We Ok' is pretty catchy though.

3) The Rocket Summer
The Rocket Summer (stage name for Bryce Avery) is one of those artists that I always seem to forget about. I listened to a lot of his earlier stuff, then forgot to listen to any of the newer releases - I'm looking forward to hearing some new material, but I'm still hoping 'So Much Love' gets played. 

2) Forever Came Calling
I'm a bit too excited for Forever Came Calling, because they tweeted me and said that 'Ides' is definitely going to be making it on to the setlist. It's one of my favourite songs of all time, and I know I'm going to see their entire set. 

1) Metro Station
When it was announced that Metro Station were finally returning to the UK, I will admit that I did nearly cry. I'm so excited to see them live, even if the majority of their material is super cheesy pop punk. Who doesn't want to dance to 'Shake It' live?!

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