Tuesday, 4 April 2017

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten fan artists I admire

(Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish!)

I'm not actively involved in any fandoms, so this week's fandom freebie was quite daunting. I've decided to showcase some of the best fan artists I follow: they all produce amazing work, but don't get as much appreciation as they deserve because they use their skills in the name of fandom.

10) Amber (@cute_loot)
Amber posts a new illustration every day, so a lot of her art isn't fandom related (there are some adorable drawings of dinosaurs and cats!) but I found her account through this brilliant drawing of Rosita from 'The Walking Dead'.

9) Cack Handed Kid (@cackhandedkid)
Image result for cackhandedkidImage result for cackhandedkid
Cack Handed Kid does tattoo-esque illustrations, most of them comprising of dotwork. I absolutely adore the alien abduction Pikachu! 

8) Giselle (@itsgisellepr)
Image result for itsgisellepr
Giselle is best known for her Sleeping With Sirens chibi artwork, but recently she's been branching out and illustrating more bands. This Waterparks piece is a particular favourite of mine!

7) Stephen Ward (@stephenward_art)
Image result for stephen ward artImage result for stephen ward art
If you like bright, hyper-realistic sketches, look no further than Stephen Ward's page. He has such a command over colour - every piece of his art that I see makes my jaw drop, and it's impossible to confuse him with anyone else because of his distinctive style. 

6) Ampharos (@ampharosie.181)
Image result for ampharosie.181Image result for ampharosie.181
Ampharosie draws Pokemon, but she uses colour in such interesting ways. Her Eeveelution drinks are a particularly unique idea!

5) Cal and Meg (@wedrawtogether_)
I haven't been following Cal and Meg for very long, but they post extremely accurate drawings of lots of superheroes and Disney characters - I won't be surprised if either of them become professional illustrators or animators pretty soon!

4) Carla Wyzgala (@carlawyzgala)
Image result for carla wyzgala
Carla's an established artist: she regularly appears at Comic Con's selling her artwork, which is all absolutely stunning. She has a very unique style, and I've seen nothing like her work before. 

3) Nicholas Cross (@iamnickcross)
Image result for iamnickcross pikachu artImage result for iamnickcross pikachu art
Nick is creating skeletal drawings of all of the Pokemon in the first generation. My emo soul is so pleased by this concept, and I hope he continues on and creates them for the other generations too. 

2) Holly Chapman (@holztoons)
Image result for holztoons
I've been following Holly for as long as I can remember. She does adorable chibi artwork of lots of different bands, but is particularly well-known for her All Time Low illustrations.

1) Begsy (@odetofew)
Begsy's studies of different twenty one pilots' songs take my breath away. You can see the full thread here, but the studies above (for 'Migraine' and 'Isle of Flightless Birds') are my favourites so far.
It's a well-known fact that the Skeleton Clique have some extremely talented artists - part of the reason that the band teamed up with their fans to redecorate an entire tube station back in November - but Begsy is the best of the best.
I'll love her even more when she releases her study of 'A Car, A Torch, A Death', which I'm sure is going to be beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! Share your love for your favourite fan artists down below: I always love discovering new creative minds.


  1. That art of Deadpool is awesome and I always like seeing interpretations of Harley Quinn. She's my favorite! I love that notebook at the end. I wish I was more artistic.

    1. Whenever I see drawings like these I always pick up my pencils and think "Pfft, easy!" and after half an hour of screaming and crying (and a lot of wasted paper) I give up and pack them away again...

  2. Hi! I admire people who can draw. I'm so sawful at it! Like really bad. :) Some of these are great!
    My TTT

    1. Maybe we should make a club for terrible artists, then I won't feel as bad about my lack of skills! :P

  3. Stephen Ward is great. I love fan artists too and now will have to go look some of these up on Tumblr. Thanks for the post.

    My TTT:

    1. I'm glad you liked some of them: I'm always happy to share my love for under-appreciated artists!