Monday, 27 March 2017

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten authors I'm dying to meet

(Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish!)

I haven't met many authors, but there are a lot that I want to meet. I'm eagerly waiting for YALC to announce which authors they've invited to take part in their convention this year, because I'm hoping some of these ten will be on the bill. I couldn't get the time off work to go last year, which is when most of them were in attendance: otherwise I would have met them already!

10) Katherine Webber
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'Wing Jones' feels like one of my best friends. I can't stop thinking about her, and I want to reread that book more than I want cake or chocolate (and I love cake and chocolate!) but I won't let myself because I have so many other books that I NEED to read.
I want to meet Katherine so I can try and get her to share some information about her next book: I can't wait, and I need it in my hands right now.

9) Sally Green
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'Half Bad' is amazing. There are no other words for it. I've never read anything like it, but I've also never read anything written in the same way - the style is utterly unique, the characters are all brilliant, and every page is gripping so it's impossible to put the book down. I haven't been able to read the rest of the series yet in case I end up being disappointed, but wowee, the first installment gets better every time I read it.

8) Jessica Spotswood
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The world needs more people like Jessica Spotswood. She's outspoken on Twitter, always putting the world to rights in the most adorable and completely unannoying way, and all of the books of hers that I've read have left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside. I still need to finish the Cahill Witch Chronicles, but I'm scared in case the last book disappoints me because I loved the other two so much!

7) Maggie Harcourt
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Maggie is the queen of writing slow burn romances, and I want to meet her and shake her (gently) while (politely) demanding that she writes a sequel to 'Unconventional' which is nothing but Lexi and Aiden being adorable, infuriating each other and making out a lot.

6) Alwyn Hamilton
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I adored 'Rebel of the Sands', and though I haven't read 'Traitor to the Throne' yet (COME ON, IT'S OVER 500 PAGES!) I think she's a wonderful writer, and her characters are so well crafted.

5) Holly Bourne
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Holly made feminism cool for teenagers, and I'd love to meet her and get her opinion on EVERYTHING. I want Holly Bourne to be my mum, my cool aunt and my big sister, all at the same time.

4) Cat Clarke
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'Entangled' and 'Torn' revived my love of reading when I thought it was dead and buried, so this blog probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Cat. I haven't read all of her books - I couldn't bring myself to finish 'Undone' because the beginning killed me - but I still want to express my gratitude.

3) Becky Albertalli
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'Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda' really helped me through a confusing period of my life, so I'd like to be able to thank Becky personally for writing such a beautiful novel. I definitely need to read 'The Upside of Unrequited' soon - I know I'm going to love it just as much as her debut.

2) Sara Barnard
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Sara has quickly become one of my favourite authors: she's released two books so far - 'Beautiful Broken Things' and 'A Quiet Kind of Thunder' - and I've loved both of them. I've had a few conversations with her on Twitter, so she feels like a friend... Hopefully that means I won't make a fool out of myself when I do meet her!

1) Angie Thomas
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'The Hate U Give' was one of the most anticipated debuts of 2017, and after release it proved itself a hit by topping the New York Times bestseller list for three weeks in a row (and counting!). Not many debut novels get that kind of reaction, and I'd love to be able to meet the mind behind it (after I read the book, which isn't out in the UK for another two weeks).
If you're also excited about reading 'The Hate U Give', you can pre-order a copy here.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! If you could meet any author in the world - living or dead - who would you choose, and why?


  1. You have so many great authors on your list! I recently read Wing Jones and loved it! I would also love to meet Becky Albertalli. I LOVED Simon and I just finished The Upside of Unrequited last night and loved it too. She's kind of local to me so I hope I'll get the chance to meet her soon. Great list!

    My Top Ten

    1. You're so lucky that she's local to you! I don't think she's come to the UK yet, but as soon as she announces an event I'm going to travel as far as I have to to meet her.

  2. I just bought a copy of The Hate U Give last week. Don't know when I can get to it but I've only heard awesome things about it. My husband even took an interest in it (meaning he actually picked it up off the table when I got home and looked at the cover, back and inside - haha). Hope you get to meet some of these awesome people!

    1. I can't wait for it to be released in the UK - it comes out a couple of days before my birthday, so fingers crossed I'll be getting it as a present... :P

  3. I couldn't agree with Lori more. I think everyone on your list would be interesting to meet, although I think I'd want to hang out with Angie Thomas first.

    Here is my TTT.

    1. She seems so cool and down to earth. If you haven't read this interview that she gave I definitely suggest you do: it's a brilliant article.

  4. I met Alwyn Hamilton at YALC last year (actually met her for the first time the year before) and she was so lovely, she even remembered me and my friend from 2015!
    My TTT:

    1. Oh wow, that's amazing! We talk on Twitter quite a bit: I just want her to be one of my best friends :P

  5. I've heard of a few of these authors but haven't read anything by any of them. The Hate U Give is high up on my TBR pile.

    1. I definitely recommend getting hold of a few of them: I promise you won't be disappointed!

  6. I really want A Quiet Kind of Thunder in paperback but I can not find it. and asked the author about it , on good reads, we send a few messages and she was so nice.
    My TTT.

    1. Luckily I received an e-ARC via NetGalley, but I really want to get hold of a finished version. I've been told each chapter is headed with the sign for the corresponding number, which is such a brilliant way to begin learning the language.

  7. I really want to meet Becky someday! I've seen Alwyn speak; she's nice! :) I hope you can meet all of these authors someday.


    1. She's so lovely on Twitter: I just hope I don't make a fool out of myself if/when I do meet her, because I loved Rebel of the Sands SO MUCH.

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