Monday, 6 March 2017

Day of No Clutter (celebrating the release of 'Year of No Clutter' by Eve O. Schaub)

Happy Day of No Clutter!
If you're anything like me, your house is messy. I think most bookworms suffer from the same problem: too many books, too little space. I have books from publishers, books that I've purchased for myself, books that I've borrowed from the library... And all of those books add up to make for a very cluttered living space.
(Then consider the fact that I also hoard vinyls and CDs. Yeah, I have no room to move in my house!)
Because of my addiction to stuff, I had to request Eve O. Schaub's memoir, 'Year of No Clutter', when it came up on NetGalley. I'm hoping it's going to give me some good hints and tips to minimise my collection of things, making my home a much tidier place.
I think this book could help quite a few of you, so when I was invited to spotlight the book today - the eve of release day! - of course I had to. 

Everyone eats. Everyone sleeps. Everyone accumulates stuff.
The hilarious author of Year of No Sugar, Eve Schaub, returns with her new memoir, Year of No Clutter, to tackle the issue of 'things'. Specifically, the 576-square-foot room in her house that is overflowing with stuff she can't bring herself to throw away, like her fifth grade report card and pieces of plaster wall stuffed in a box. 
Year of No Clutter is more than a tale of how one woman organized an entire room in her house that had been filled with pointless items, it's a deeply inspiring, and frequently hilarious, examination of why we keep stuff in the first place, and how to let it all go. 
If you think 'Year of No Clutter' sounds like a book you'd love, you can buy a copy on Amazon US or Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble or Book Depository.

You can also sign up to take part in the Week of No Clutter Challenge. If you enter your email, you gets hints, tips and advice on tidying, as well as a sneak preview of 'Year of No Clutter'.

I hope this book helps some of you as much as I'm sure it's going to help me!

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