Wednesday, 6 April 2016

TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five rainy day reads

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It's April, which means the weather should have improved over the last week rather than gone rapidly downhill, but MY GOD, THE RAIN. April showers, you hurt me so.
The only positive thing is that when it's raining, it's a perfect excuse to stay inside and read. No communicating with pesky humans, no doing the gardening or walking the dog - just curled up under a blanket, with a book, in the dry.
These five books are really enjoyable when it's raining outside.

5) 'The Woman in Black' by Susan Hill

I didn't really like 'The Woman in Black' the first time I read it, but that might have been because I'd read a lot less at that point - I wasn't as open to different books, and I was reading it because I felt as though I had to. It might be nice to try this one again when the weather outside is spooky. 

4) 'Twilight' by Stephenie Meyer
Because 'Twilight' is an easy read, it doesn't need too many brain cells to enjoy it - you can just lay back and fly through it. It's also quite atmospheric when you read it in the rain: particularly that scene with Edward and Bella in the car ("I know what you are.."). 

3) 'Sweet Damage' by Rebecca James
This book is equal parts creepy and wonderful, and there's nothing better than reading scary books when it's raining - it really ramps up the tension! It's been nearly two years since I read it, so I also feel as though I've forgotten enough to be absorbed all over again. 

2) 'Ulysses' by James Joyce
So, I haven't actually started 'Ulysses' yet, but I'm assuming it'll be great during the rain. It's around about 15,000 pages long (that's an over-exaggeration... but not by much), so I think it's a book you can only really focus on when you know you don't have the chance to do anything else. Who would pick 'Ulysses' over adventuring with friends?

1) Any of the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard
The books in the Pretty Little Liars series are teeny tiny, so they're really easy to speed through - on a rainy day I might be able to read two or three of these books. Like 'Twilight', they're also easy to read, and because of all the tension and drama it's just like watching a reality TV show! 
It also gives a great excuse to pop open Netflix and watch the TV show, and there's nothing better than watching shows while it's raining.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Five Wednesday! What books do you think really suit the rainy weather?


  1. I loved "Woman in Black". It's one of the few books that really scared me. :)

    1. Everyone says that - I really don't know why I didn't like it!