Thursday, 7 April 2016

March wrap-up!

Okay, so we're a week into April already - I can't believe I forgot to post this wrap-up, I feel like such an idiot! I've just been so busy with reading that I haven't had enough time to write about reading... I need to learn how to balance my life better.

Bookish wrap-up: 

In March, I read 20 books, including 1 non-fiction title and 3 graphic novels.

For the #2016ClassicsChallenge, I finally caught up with February, reading 'Carol' by Patricia Highsmith, and completed my March title too - 'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath. They were both 4 star reads.

For my personal series challenge, I read 'Lola and the Boy Next Door' (but didn't move on to 'Isla and the Happily Ever After'...) and started my reread of the Half Life trilogy by Sally Green. This month, I'm hoping to finish both of these series and read The Hunger Games trilogy in full (I aim high!).
I also started rereading 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', which is something I've wanted to do for many years. I've currently read the first two books, but will likely move on and get through four or five more titles this month (they're super short).

The best books I read in March?
I didn't actually read any 5 star books this month, but out of quite a large amount of 4 star reads these were my favourites. 

The worst books
As well as reading a lot of 4 star books, I read a lot of 2 star books this month too. These are a selection of a few of those. 

Musical wrap-up!
After procrastinating the heck out of February and hardly listening to any new releases, I spent March catching up with those and listening to a few more of the albums that dropped this month.
Out of all of the new releases I enjoyed, the best was unquestionably 'I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it' by The 1975
My lyric of the month also comes from that album, from the song 'She's American': "Don't fall in love with the moment and think you're in love with the girl.

My song of the month? A Day To Remember's comeback, 'Paranoia', which has a wonderful video too: 

And out of the two shows that we went to this month, I preferred The Feeling at Thekla in Bristol


  1. Looks like you read some great books this month. I think I want to check out the Alice Hoffman book. I read Practical Magic a few years ago and really liked it.

    1. It's wonderfully adorable - I definitely recommend it! :)