Friday, 14 August 2015

FRIDAY PLAYLIST: Warped US edition

Another summer, another Warped tour! ...But it's already over, because the time went far too soon. Warped finished earlier this week, so this Friday playlist is dedicated to the ten bands I heard the most about over the course of this summer and that I definitely would have checked out if I'd been in America.

10) Never Shout Never
I'm still not sure I like Never Shout Never's new music (mostly because I haven't listened to any of it since 2012, I think?) but I'd still like to see them live, even if the direction they're going with 'Black Cat' (based purely off of the album artwork) is terrifying. 
The song I'd want in their setlist? 'Trouble'.

9) Set It Off
After missing Set It Off at Slam Dunk back in May, any opportunity to see this guys would be a gold one.
The song I'd want in their setlist? 'Nightmare'. 

8) Speak Low If You Speak Love
Speak Low If You Speak Love is the side project of State Champs' backing vocalist Ryan Scott Graham. To the best of my knowledge, Speak Low If You Speak Love have never played a show in the UK, so it would be exciting to hear their heart-wrenching acoustic tracks live.
The song I'd want in their setlist? 'Adjacent'.

7) Metro Station
After losing all of the members but one, then regaining a co-vocalist, Metro Station have been through more incarnations than most bands, and despite the fact that I'm seeing them later in the year it would be awesome to just hurry up and see them already.
The song I'd want in their setlist? 'Every Time I Touch You'. (Sadly, I don't even know if they still play this one live, because it was released when the band was just Mason Musso). 

6) Blessthefall
With new album 'To Those Left Behind' on the way, Blessthefall have never been more on top of their game, so it would have been fantastic to see them on Warped.
The song I'd want in their setlist? 'Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad' - especially if they bought ex-vocalist Craig Mabbitt along!

5) SayWeCanFly
SayWeCanFly, also known as Braden Barrie, has been releasing music on Youtube for a good few years now, but after appearing on Warped tour this year he's actually been signed. I used to listen to SayWeCanFly way back in the day, but it would be interesting to see how much he's changed and to see what he sounds like live.
The song I'd want in their setlist? 'Hearts & Flowers'. 

4) August Burns Red
If you've heard anything about this year's Warped tour, it's likely that you've heard about August Burns Red's newest member - Left Shark. I'm seeing August Burns Red in October, at the Warped UK date, but there's no guarantee that Left Shark will be flying over with them. 
The song I'd want in their setlist? Any that included the shark.

3) Mallory Knox
Despite the fact that I've already seen Mallory Knox multiple times, it would be a completely different atmosphere seeing them on Warped in America, so I'd need to catch their set.
The song I'd want in their setlist? 'She Took Him To The Lake'.

2) Sleeping With Sirens
Yes, yes, I know they only played one date on this year's tour, but it would have been exciting to get to witness their only performance on Warped this year.
The song I'd want in their setlist? 'The Strays'. 

Favourite band, does it need any more explanation? I will see these guys live as many times as physically possible.
The song I'd want in their setlist? 'My House'.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Friday playlist - see you next week!

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