Friday, 21 August 2015

FRIDAY PLAYLIST: Reading Festival 2015 edition (Part 1)

Hello, and welcome to the first part of a special two part Friday playlist! This time next week, my bags will be packed (hell, I might even be on the train - I've forgotten what time I'm leaving Swindon!) and my excitement level will be through the roof, because it's a week today that Reading festival begins. 
I thought to celebrate the fact that the festival is back, I'd do a two part playlist featuring all of the bands that I'm excited about seeing. But that is not all! I'm attending the festival with my mummy, Liana, so she's chosen the songs she's excited about from these bands too, making this a bumper playlist! Sit back, relax, and get ready to hit that play button... 

20) Metallica
Neither of us are massive Metallica fans, but it felt rude not to include the rockiest headliner in this playlist!

Alyce wants to hear: 'Enter Sandman'.

Liana wants to hear: 'Whiskey In The Jar'.

19) Fort Hope
We've seen Fort Hope a couple times this year already, but they always smash their set so it's not a problem with us to see them again.

Alyce wants to hear: 'Control'. 

Liana wants to hear: 'Plans'. 

18) Royal Blood
We were meant to be seeing them support Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium, but then stupid Dave Grohl broke his stupid leg! It'll be good to finally see them again.

Alyce wants to hear: 'Figure It Out'. 

Liana wants to hear: 'Ten Tonne Skeleton'.

17) Nothing But Thieves
They were brilliant supporting twenty one pilots, and following their touring stint with Young Guns it'll be interesting to see how they've developed over the last nine months.

Alyce wants to hear: 'Trip Switch'. 

Liana wants to hear: 'Itch'. 

16) Mumford and Sons
Neither of us are huge Mumford and Sons fans, both liking a few of their songs, but it'll be interesting to see such a vastly different style of music live.

Alyce wants to hear: 'White Blank Page'.

Liana wants to hear: 'I Will Wait'. 

15) All Time Low
The only reason All Time Low are so far down is because we're attempting to be more excited for the bands that we haven't seen yet. This, combined with the fact that neither of us were too impressed with 'Future Hearts'.

Alyce wants to hear: 'Poppin' Champagne'.

Liana wants to hear: 'Weightless'.

14) We Are The Ocean
After the release of 'Ark' We Are The Ocean are the strongest they've ever been, and it'll be brilliant to see their new songs in a festival environment - but we have seen them this year, so here they are. 

Alyce wants to hear: 'Do It Together'.

Liana wants to hear: 'Shere Khan'.

13) Don Broco
'Automatic' as a full album is pretty good, but depending on what songs they choose to play it's either going to make or break their set.

Alyce wants to hear: 'I Got Sick'. 

Liana wants to hear: 'Money Power Fame'. 

12) Neck Deep
We keep seeing Neck Deep, so in all reality they should be lower down this list, but we're both looking forward to hearing the new songs from 'Life's Not Out To Get You' live. 

Alyce wants to hear: 'Gold Steps'. 

Liana wants to hear: 'Can't Kick Up The Roots'.

11) Bring Me The Horizon
On the one hand, it's FREAKING BRING ME THE HORIZON. On the other hand, we will have seen them two days before we see them at Reading, so we're trying to chill out and not get too super excited over their near-headlining performance.

Alyce wants to hear: 'House of Wolves'. 

Liana wants to hear: 'Happy Song'. 

So that's the first ten bands we're excited about - stay tuned to find out who will make our top ten, and then make sure you check out my Reading festival review that should be coming a couple days after the festival wraps up!

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