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TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five series that got worse over time

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The thing I hate more than anything is when you really love a series and it dies a fiery death at the end (or even in the middle!) and you find yourself despising it more than words can say. It happens with book series, it happens with TV shows, and it happens to me a lot.
These five have disappointed me more than most, but I'd also like to give a big shout out to The Vampire Diaries (which I've been struggling with since season 5), Supernatural (which I abandoned after the 200th episode and is STILL GOING) and the Pretty Little Liars book series by Sara Shepard (which I've hated with a passion since the seventh installment, but I keep planning on finishing... Eventually!).

5) True Blood
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I can't vouch for the book series, because I haven't read them just yet, but I was disappointed by the end of the True Blood TV series. I watched nearly the entire thing in two months (and, I'll be honest, I can't really remember what happened during most of it!) but the last series felt like a series of cop outs, trying to be risque and controversial and failing at every attempt. 

4) The Splintered series by A.G. Howard
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I hate the fact that I have to put this series on here, because I loved the first installment and really liked the second... But the third book was just so predictable and bland that I raged throughout it, tempted to put it down and pretend I'd never started it.
The short story collection, 'Untamed', actually went quite a way to redeeming this series... But I still feel uncomfortable every time I think about the ending of the third novel.

3) Dexter
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I watched the entirety of Dexter within a month, and the last ten minutes of the final episode tainted the entire experience for me. It seemed like it was just getting better and better, then the last series was a little disappointing... But that last episode sent everything downhill.
If you haven't watched Dexter yet, refuse to watch the final episode. You'll feel better if you don't. 

2) The Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth
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It almost goes without saying, because I've said it so many times before, but this list wouldn't have been complete without me including the Divergent trilogy. The first two books were AMAZING, but the third book was such a slow burner that, by the time the action happened towards the end of the book, I was just begging for it to be over.
I actually want to reread this series, so I can properly enjoy the 'Four' collection of short stories and the soon to be released epilogue, 'We Can Be Mended'. Hopefully it won't be as disappointing second time around.

1) The Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo
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I really enjoyed 'Shadow and Bone', and after reading 'Siege and Storm' I genuinely believed it was one of my favourite books of all time. Then 'Ruin and Rising' happened: a cliched, stereotypical mess of a book that successfully ruined the entire series. 
I'm still angry about how this ended. 

I hope you enjoyed this Top Five Wednesday! Have you been seriously disappointed by any of these series? 

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