Friday, 5 August 2016

July book haul

If you missed my blog about the Chapter 5 #ProofParty, you'll have missed the most exciting part of this book haul, so go and check that out! There were 12 books in that haul, but because I have no self-control I've also bought some books this month - whoops!

Library book sale: 
Decided to buy a few non-fiction titles that look interesting this month, and also managed to grab a few interesting novels.

Charity shopping:
I've always been interested in the logistics of running a cafe, so when I saw a business advice book about it I was so excited. That and the cupcake book cost 50p in total - such a bargain! I'm also very excited to finally read some more Pratchett books.

Both my bookbridgr titles this month are sequels (which probably means I should read the earlier installments!) and I need to say a huge thank you to Headline for sending me 'Dominion', and Hodder for 'Recreated'. I'm looking forward to both of these immensely.

Other books:
The lovely people at Faber actually sent me 'The Girl With a Clock For a Heart' last month, but I completely forgot to haul it - I'm so sorry! I'm looking forward to seeing if Peter Swanson's debut novel lives up to the brilliance that was his second.

Then the lovely people at Atom asked if I'd like a proof of 'The Shadow Hour', and of course I said HECK YEAH! This is my most anticipated sequel of the year, and I want to read it right now but the wait for this one to be released has been torturous... I'll probably cave by the end of the month.

Last, but certainly not least, in this month's Owlcrate there was a Good vs. Evil theme, and I got a good box! That meant an adorable Pop! Vinyl of Dobby, and a beautiful magnetic bookmark of Alice. 
Of course, you can see it sat there: the book this month was THIS SAVAGE SONG!!!!!
I've been dying to get my hands on this, and I want to read it so much, but I'm in a backlog of review books so I can't. Soon, though. Soon.

That means in total this month I acquired 28 books. Not as few as I'd hoped, but I'm so busy throughout the entirety of August that there will definitely be no book buying. Nope, not at all... 

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