Monday, 22 February 2016


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After seeing Zibra supporting Bring Me The Horizon on Thursday, there was no question in my mind that I needed to feature them on New Music Monday this week.

(from l-r: Russ, Sam and Ben)

Zibra are a band from London who are certainly making a name for themselves. From the aforementioned slot at the BRITs week show, to a song on the FIFA 16 soundtrack, it's not going to be long before these boys are a household name.
The reason they're so appealing is because they're just so damn fun. Too many bands nowadays take themselves seriously and make it difficult for fans to get on board with them, but Zibra are doing exactly the right things. 
Zibra have only been actively uploading music for just over twelve months, and I actually can't find much information about when they formed - based off of the ages of the members, I'd say it hadn't been very long at all. That just makes their emergence into the public consciousness that much more commendable.  
With their newest single, 'Wasted Days', gaining mainstream radio play and a lot of attention, it might be worth you listening to it now: 

If you don't feel like dancing right now, there's something seriously wrong with you!

If you'd like to hear more from Zibra, you can find all of their songs on their Youtube channel. You can also follow them on Twitter, or find them on Facebook.

If you have a band and you'd like to be featured in New Music Monday, you can contact me on Twitter or through my contact page. Thank you for checking out New Music Monday, see you next week!

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