Friday, 19 February 2016

'A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire' by Cold Summer

After featuring Cold Summer on New Music Monday this week, I've been looking forward to sharing their new video with you: 'A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire'.

Check out the video, then see my thoughts on the song and the video below!

I challenge you if you think you're not going to get the "I'm not seeing a change" refrain stuck in your head all day, because it's all I've been humming since I first heard this song. 
I've listened to most of Cold Summer's back catalogue and this is definitely their most accomplished release. They've developed in a way that maintains their sound and style, but they're performing it in a much more polished way. Dan Feast has more vocal control, making the change between the soft vocals and the harder sections much more effective, and that puts this track far above their previous ones. Similarly, their ability to write lyrics has improved too: you can feel how much they've put into this song, and I'm already looking forward to seeing where they go next.
The video is very simplistic, but that's often a better way for an upcoming band to go. It definitely helps all of the focus stay on their sound, and the music staying front and center can't be a bad thing when it sounds this good.
If you're a fan of A Day To Remember, The Used or Alexisonfire, I can see that Cold Summer would appeal to you - it's certainly worth checking them out. 

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