Monday, 8 February 2016

NEW MUSIC MONDAY: Against The Current

(New Music Monday is adapted from Music Monday, hosted by Lauren at Always Me.)

Welcome to the second installment of New Music Monday! This week I've decided to cover Against The Current, who are opening for All Time Low on the Back To The Future Heart's tour starting in Cardiff on Wednesday.

Against The Current (l-r: Daniel Gow, Chrissy Costanza, Will Ferri) have been gaining quite a lot of attention over the last year, and for good reason. They're one of the most recent signings to Fueled By Ramen, the label who boast Paramore on their roster, so they've been favourably compared to the band. As well as both have female vocalists, they also started the bands when they were just fourteen years old, so there's a definite mirroring there.
Hailing from Poughkeepsie, the same state that homes We Are The In Crowd, Against The Current are constantly overwhelmed with comparisons to other bands, but vocalist Chrissy Costanza is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. Her vocal is extremely powerful, but it's her unflappable personality and faultless charisma that really boosts the band to the next level.
This is the fifth year that the band have been together, and they've been gaining a fanbase rather swiftly using their Youtube account: ranging from their first single to their popular covers, there's really something that will appeal to everyone over there.
Before releasing their debut EP, the six track 'Infinity', the band dropped from five members down to three - losing original members Jeremy and Joe - but the trio seem to have solidified their bond with their relentless touring schedule (you can view their previous tour dates here, and it's an impressive list), and it wasn't long before they were releasing a follow-up EP last year, 'Gravity'.
The band have a fairly large following in the States, partly thanks to co-headlining the Glamour Kills Spring Break tour last year with Set It Off, and with a high profile slot supporting All Time Low at arenas around the country it's not going to be long before Against The Current become a big deal over here too. It's definitely worth giving them a listen.
Their newest song, 'Running With The Wild Things', was only released three days ago, and you can
hear that below:

Against The Current's debut album, 'Our Bones', is released on May 20th. You can find the band on twitter here, and you can also follow Chrissy, Dan and Will on their individual accounts.

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