Monday, 1 February 2016


(New Music Monday is adapted from Music Monday, hosted by Lauren at Always Me.)

I got bored doing Friday playlists (I know, I only lasted about six months, but it's hard to think of playlist subjects weekly!) so I've decided to start participating in a new weekly feature on the blog.
However, instead of playing by the Music Monday rules, I'm adapting them and turning them into New Music Monday.
New Music Monday is going to be a way for me to give new and upcoming bands some well-deserved exposure. You might not have heard of these bands, but if you keep coming back you're going to discover some absolute gems.

So, for the first week of New Music Monday, there was no choice in my mind that I had to feature Away Days.

If you've heard of Blitz Kids, it's likely that you'll recognise the members of Away Days (l-r: Matt Freer, Jono Yates and Nic Montgomery). The band called it a day in July last year, but Jono soon announced that he was already working on new music, and it wasn't long before it came to light that Matt and Nic were also involved in this mysterious project.
That work resulted in Away Days, who officially launched on Friday with their debut song, 'Messiah'. Announced on Rock Sound's website, the band have already put the song up for free download from Soundcloud, so I'd sincerely recommend that you get your hands on it over here.
With lyrics that could fit perfectly in the early 00's emo genre ("I've given up looking for the one, she's not out there, so I'll spill my heart out in a song") and an instantly infectious clapping rhythm to start the song off, I'm already anticipating Away Days announcing some live shows. Jono Yates vocal is a powerful one, and I'm glad that he's finally become the frontman, because he has some serious talent.
What are you waiting for? Go and listen to it already!
You can find out more about Away Days and follow their updates on the band's twitter, and you can follow Jono, Nic and Matt over there too. It's likely that they'll be releasing more songs over the coming months, so it'll be better if you get on board earlier rather than later.

If you have a band and you'd like to be featured in New Music Monday, you can contact me on twitter or through my contact page!

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