Monday, 15 February 2016

January book haul!

I know, I know, it's the middle of February, why am I only just posting my January book haul?! Well, that would be because I completely forgot about it (sorry not sorry, I've been super SUPER busy this month!) but better late than never, right?!

The Red Rising trilogy is absolutely faultless, so I'm going to purchase it in every format at some point. 'Golden Son' was only 99p for Kindle, so I had to buy it! 
'Mark of Blood and Alchemy' is the prequel to 'Curio', and it was a free download. I didn't like 'Curio' too much because I felt like the world wasn't properly set-up or explained - hopefully this will clear up some of the muddling history.

Christmas gifts: 
I feel awful, because I totally forgot to haul these two books last month! I received them from my Secret Santa, DeweyGirlUK, through The Broke and The Bookish. I'm beyond excited to read 'The Leftovers' - hopefully it'll final convince me to watch the show!

I also got given these two Laurell K. Hamilton books from my best friend. I'm counting them as Christmas presents - the covers are gorgeous and I definitely need to read these soon.

Graphic novels: 
I've been reading a lot of graphic novels recently, so when I saw a signed copy of 'Nimona' in my local Waterstones? Well, I just couldn't resist it. I decided to buy 'Lumberjanes' as well, because I'd heard amazing things about it - I'll probably be reading one, if not both, of these beauties by the end of February. 

Charity shopping:
I actually managed to control myself this month! I know twelve books is still a lot of books, but they're all either books I've been looking for for a while or are by authors who I adore - I'm excited about all of them, which is something I'm happy with. 

Library book sale:
I only purchased five books through the library book sale this month. I'm most excited about Lia Habel's zombie duology and the collection of Terry Pratchett short stories - I adore short stories, so I think it'll be the perfect way for me to finally explore his writing. 

Last, but certainly not least, I received all of the above in January's Owlcrate. I was very happy with my Pop Vinyl of Severus Snape - it arrived a couple of days after Alan Rickman's death, so it felt very appropriate. I also adore 'The Raven Boys' bookmark and the 'Throne of Glass' art print - they're both so beautiful!
I had heard brilliant things about 'Worlds of Ink and Shadow', so I'm very pleased with this box and I'm excited about trying something new. 

So, all together in January I only purchased or acquired 26 books which I feel quite proud of. I know it's still a lot, but at least it's not up in the fifties! Sorry for posting this haul so late: I promise February's will be much more timely. 

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